Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scorching Hot in Camotes Island

March is definitely the start of summer here in the Philippines! It is also our Fire Prevention Month. Summer, summer started last March when we went to Camotes Island! One of the islands here in Cebu. Whooaaa! I can't believe it, I'm living in Cebu for so long, but still have more islands and beaches to go to.  

(spot a leopard)

Timubo Cave

First stop: Timubo Cave where you can swim inside feels like you're in a swimming pool! 
Entrance fee: PHP20

Lunch by the bay.

Finally had a chance to travel again with Maricor, our first get away together was in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur tour last year.

Lake Danao Park

There are so many activities such as kayaking, horse back riding, swimming in pool, and good for having a picnic with the family. 

Cybil and her bestfriend Jen


My favorite couple: Ryan and Stephanie

Mango shake after our crazy kayaking!

Santiago Bay!

I love it :) 

Photo by Hendrix
When Tony of is always on the go.

We stayed in Nocnoc Beach House Camotes look at the view.

Photo by Hendrix

Perfect place to sit and witness the sunset. awww. 

Rod of being introvert.

The sunset sessionistas 

Maricor, Jewel, Rod, Jen, Hendrix, Cybil, Stephanie and Ryan

Blue hour and my favorite bunny ears posed.

Photo by Hendrix

Photo by Hendrix:
My blue hour shot, not really blue!

I'm so happy to share to you this (overdue) trip! (better late than never) Not me catching up again for another trip? No, so far so good. I am currently in Manila right now working and chillin. I am staying away from the beach as of the moment and enjoying the city lights. 

How's your summer so far?

Have a great day everyone!xx

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Apparel Candy Clothing

Aren't we all love to shop online? I think most of the busy bees find online shopping very convenient, they have unique designs that you can't find in a physical store near your place. What we also want is that we can buy it in a very affordable price and ask discounts (which I always love to do) and pay for an affordable door to door shipping fee. 

I found Apparel Candy online wholesale distribution. I love how their website design layout is very girly and chic! You will find their collections of fashion clothing for women and teens from tops, dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, shorts, t-shirts and many more. I swear you will love to browse everything and buy a lot for wholesale clothing.

I find their wholesale dresses selections awesome! They have size options, quality fabrics, fabulous designs and inexpensive per unit and bulk prices. 

Here are some of my favorite picks:

I love their dresses! Great outfit for summer parties. You can also check their new arrivals for fresh new trends.  Apparel Candy wants you to try them and get 15% off on entire order! How sweet is that? You can also save up to 80% below wholesale price on the hottest trends in clothing, accessories and so much more. 

Please feel free to contact by calling (877) 870-8686 

Have a great day everyone! 

IG: @jewelclicks
Twitter: @jewelclicks

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Body Juicery - Tummy Trimmer Program

Some of my friends know that I am into Yoga and Muay Thai (so they are calling me brutal Jewel sometimes). I am also make time to run at the nearest park at home every afternoon or after my 30 minutes nap. That was before when my schedules are still manageable or when I was on track.

Not when my schedules between personal life and work became so tight that I couldn't run in the afternoon or attend yoga or muay thai in the weekends. Sigh. Plus my upcoming Boracay summer trip made me feel so pressure.  Excuse my morning face.

When April started, I got also started packing my things and unpack and packing my things again because I had series of travel. After I went to Southern Leyte, Surigao and Siargao Island, I went back to Cebu only for few days then pack my things again for my next trip. 

I didn't waste my time since I can only do basic stretching and abs core work out (thanks to youtube videos) but I need a short program that can burn some belly fats.

Here's my photo before my juicing. 
Blame it to the big servings of food in Siargao Island. 

Tummy Trimmer Program

The Body Juicery is so perfect! They recommended their 3-day Tummy Trimmer program.

The tummy trimmer program is perfect for:

  • those who want to lose belly fat
  • those who desire to change their bad eating habits
  • those who want to reduce unhealthy food cravings

Tummy Trimmers Flavors are:

Spice Punch (apple, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, cucumber)
Summer Mint (Apple, Pineapple, Lemon, Mint)
Curve Me
Sugar Knock-Down
Sexy Shooter

Two of my favorites!

Focus and Determination

When you work out there's "No pain, No gain" in doing juicing for three days, you have to prepare your mind and your body to focus on the program because you will not eat any solid or cooked food. I ate fruits as alternative whenever I feel hungry.

I swear it was not easy to take the program, but I was I want to wear the swimsuits I bought for my trip, I was able to make it! Wohooo!

I wore this highwaist bikini bottom, but decided to change it into something sexy because I am confident to show it off. (Kahit paano... HAHAHA) You can read my post about LaBoracay2015 here.

Swimwear: Sassa Swimwear 
I lost 2 kilos and my tummy was so light! :D 

Summer indicator, uneven skintone is real. 

Thank you, The Body Juicery! xx

Get to know more about more The Body Juicery Programs.

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