Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fun Surfing in Baler Aurora

When I tried surfing for the first time in Siargao Island, I told myself to try it to other places. We have a surfing spots here in the Philippines even my hometown Southern Leyte have it. Isn't amazing? I can't wait to try it on there, but I heard there are no pro surfers and the swell are crazzzzy! We'll see, I am still planning tho. 

My first plan was to try the surfing in La Union and didn't happened. So I push through with Baler instead. There is something with the place that I wanted to visit for some reasons. First time solo in a trip to North Luzon. Read my Haler, Baler post here.

Here are the photos shot by Go Pro:

When no one can't take photo of you.

But eventually asked someone to take photos of us while listening to the instructions.

Getting ready.

My surfer instructor, surfs up! \m/

I was really, really, really excited to go on board and test the waves. We tried the other side for lesser people, but the waves were crazy, so we just have to join on the same spot where the people are also enjoying their beach time. 

While waiting for the waves selfie. 

After many long rides, (yes... long rides) I asked the instructor to take photos of me doing my own thing of course it will starts on paddling. I really had so much fun and most of the time laughing, I don't know I felt so awkward or whatever.

Ugh. I was happy-tired.

One last try. Unfortunately, the burst shots was not good, I should have set it into video instead of photos. :( Anyway, I still had fun riding the waves for almost two hours! Gosh, I didn't notice that. 

Advantage: No corals and the beach is sandy. You don't have to worry about having reef cuts.

Disadvantage: You can't enjoy the long rides because there are kids on the shore and you have to jump off your board or else you will hit them. :( 

Over all, I had fun!

I'm still planning of going back to Siargao Island since it's near our hometown Southern Leyte. :D

Swimwear: Sassa Activewear

For the update:
Wow! After winning the Best Cebu Photo Blog 2014 - 7th Best Cebu Blogs Awards I thought that was it! - I can't believe...
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Surf's up!!

Have a great day everyone!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Did I Eat That? Where to Eat in Manila

YAY! Finally "Did I Eat That?" aka DIET post. I am taking a break from my beach posts which making me miss as of the moment. Tee-hee. Yes, there are more to come because backlogs

Yabu - House of Katsu

When I went to Baler, I made sure that whenever I'm in Manila, I catch up with Mom and friends. It was Friday afternoon when my cousin Eric and I met for early dinner at Glorietta 4 and finally had a chance to try Yabu - House of Katsu. 

We ordered Creamy Dory Set and Rosu and Hire Set 

We had a chance to try their Hire Katsu Burger before they launched it on their menu.

So yummy!

Perfect time to post about our food trip because it's his birth month -

Happy Birthday, Eric! :D 

More adventures to come!

Visit their website:


When I stayed in South side of Manila, Alabang Town Center is one of the places to go to. We had our lunch at Chili's 

Spicy and yummy!

Visit their page:

Wrong Ramen

"How can I wrong you today?" 

Good question. 

Finally had a chance to eat Wrong Ramen with God-sister Nabilla! :) We haven't seen each other for ten years! Yes, 10 YEARS! Our families are good friends in our hometown Southern Leyte.

We had a chance to update each other, but since we are friends on social media we just had more serious conversations with life and career and with goals.

We were so hungry and can't wait to eat our dinner. Why so wrong when you feel so right?

Seriously, if you want to try this, don't. Go here starving and you will finish the big bowl.

Tadaaah! It was great catching up with Nabilla.

We were supposed to try Milk Cow, but we were both thinking of eating blueberry cheesecake. We both love cheesecakes! Wohoo!

Forbes Town Center, Taguig great place to chill. 

Until next time, Nabilla! :) 

You can never have too much pork.

Check their updates on:

I can't wait to have food trip in Manila soon.

Have a great day everyone!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Solo in El Nido Palawan

Finally sharing my memorable trip in El Nido, Palawan! 

I told myself to post about this trip as soon as possible, but I want to keep it myself first because I left my heart in Palawan and definitely will go back to visit their other islands and of course, Coron!

This is the part two of my photo diary of my Palawan trip. You can read the first part here:

► Underground River Tour, Puerto Princesa Palawan

I am also updated on my instagram: @jewelclicks

Moving forward, six hours away from Puerto Princesa City, you will reach the north part of the Palawan - El Nido! Make sure that you have enough travel time to go there and back to the city. It was a good thing to do the Underground River Tour first before I went there, so the hype and expectations will be more exciting because you don't know what will happen to you.

Why solo? WHY NOT? HAHAHA! 

Warning: Photos overload in 3..2..1

Road Trip

I love road trip! I've been to North Luzon provinces and the farthest was Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte at the tip of the map of the Philippines. Therefore, this one was just easy peasy. Our stop over was in Roxas for pee break or if you want to buy something to eat. That was only for 15 minutes. We were just five passengers inside the Lexxus Shuttle Van with more that 80kph speed in a zig zag road of Palawan. Nice!

Chasing sunset

Visit their website:


La Casa Teresa Beach Resort

I arrived at 8PM feeling sick and starving. Tip: bring paracetamol or take vitamins if you're on travel. I checked in my things in a family room as my temporary room for the night because they were having their renovation. They have friendly staff.

Woke up feeling better and ready for island hopping.

The location was five minutes away from the proper town. I loved it. I stay here  because of the sunset view based on the reviews I found on their website. The resort is secluded which I find good because you will have peaceful view.

Transferred to another room after my island hopping still big for a messy solo me.

Room rates have breakfast included and then if you want to eat dinner you have to go to Aplaya in proper town where there are restaurants located in beach front spell mini Boracay there.

Morning photos. So calm, perfect view while drinking coffee. 

Oh, life!

Hello doggie, why sad? :)

Visit their website:

Sunset Session

Instant filter

I watched the sunset until blue hour and realized that I have to eat dinner because it was almost 7PM time for dinner.

View from above


Since I'm from 5 minutes away in proper town, I have to ride a tricycle to take me there. My first night was awesome because I met a driver whom I hired to fetch me and drive to Aplaya for dinner. Just like what I did in Puerto Princesa. His name is Ryan. He will just wait for you when you're done eating or chillin'. 

Aplaya El Nido

Where to eat? When I arrived, It is true that there are so many restaurants and bars there to choose from. Since it was my first night and I feel a little sick I choose to ate at Aplaya Restobar because I find it not awkward to eat alone in their restaurant. Sigh.

Seafood sisig

I also tried Marber's Restobar full of foreigners on my second night. Their homemade tuna pasta was delicious! Then transferred to Aplaya Restobar to have kamikazee drink and went home.

selfie while waiting. lol. no one to talk to eh. 
This is Aplaya in the morning. Also docking station for island hopping tours. 

Time for Activities:

Island Hopping Tour C

Caera Tours managed my island hopping activities. Our first tour was Tour C - Hidden Beaches and Shrine these are Matinloc Island, Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, Helicopter Island, Tapuitan Island and Cadlao Lagoon.

Unfortunately I forgot to turn off the wifi of Go Pro so battery drained, good thing I brought my HD Cam same as Go Pro.

Brandon, our tour guide took my photos of my entire trip! Friends were asking me who's taking my photos. I taught Brandon how to frame me and I do my thing. 

Helicopter Island our first stop


Sunscreen what? No protection under the sun. 

First underwater attempt not until jelly fish attacked us! I had rashes, but it was only minor.

The boat is good for 20 pax and we were only 8.

What do you mean?

Brandon under the sun, chillin'

I envied him, but I can't dare to do what he was doing hahaha!

Meet Brandon, my tour guide and photographer.

Matinloc Island this is supposed to be a good shot, but I was starving that time so...

Love these photos, but it was not an easy climb. 


Lunch time with the crew: 

(L to R) Charisse and David, Trio from Vietnam, me and Best friends from Taiwan.

Island Hopping Tour A

Another set of people in this trip. Yey! Tour A includes Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Intalula Island, Secret Lagoon and 7 Commando Beach. Meaning: swimming all day! Whew!

Literally, CHILL

First activity was kayaking for PHP300 and since I was solo of course, I paid for the whole amount and then our tour guide was with me, paddling, yey!

Selfie before Kayaking!

The coast was clear, perfect to take photos.

I found them and they are looking for Dory!

Underwater shots as always. Swimming like a pro!

Creative shot by Brandon.

It was low tide so we have to walk inside the big lagoon.

Lunch time with the Tour A crew! 
Obviously, I am solo.


Secret Lagoon

Just ignore what I am doing in this photo.

Group photos from Vian. I found her on Instagram. 

7 Commando Beach 

our last stop

Halo-Halo for PHP100

After I ate halo-halo, I said I wanted to be real so I ordered Margarita for PHP50. 

Encouraged them to have a drink too!

(L to R) Brandon, I, Vian, Viel and couple from Dubai

I have to rush back to La Casa Teresa to catch up with the last trip going back to Puerto Princesa.

Visit their website:

My last sunset view before the van arrived. *snobs

Going back to Puerto Princesa City

Front seat, for the win! I'm kinda sad in this photo, but my heart was so light and happy. The best times of my life!

Arrived at 9PM with just a 3 minutes stop over Roxas to buy biscuits and checked in back to Marianne's Home Inn. My skin was tanned, receipt, receipt!

Cup noodles for dinner, poor me.
Visit their website: 

The next day, I started my Monday morning by hunting cheap pasalubong in the market.

On my way to airport selfie, trust me this is important. 

That moment when you have to leave. Haay :(

The weather was fine.

Time for Cebu Pacific fun games, I missed this during the flight from Siargao to Cebu, not this time.

I won "show me your selfie photo inside the car." told you, it's important.

A big THANK YOU to:

Klick Destination Travel and Tours 

for arranging my trip, you're all did a great job, keep it up! 
Until next time.

Check their Facebook page: 

To end this long photo diary, here are my jump shots for only one click! 

Swimsuit: Coco Cabana by SM | Sunglasses: Sunnies by Charlies

Swimwear: Sassa Swimwear
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Have a great day everyone! 

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