Friday, July 31, 2015

Crochet and Palm Trees

Hello! Ending the month of July with this post from my Boholiday at Bellevue Resort in Panglao, Bohol, I wore during our water sport activity! I am missing the beach reason why I invited my friends on a road trip to North, Cebu weeks ago, I will blog about it soon. For now, this is a very random update, so forgive me. HEHEHE 

This is a quick post and writing this before leaving to Manila and I will be in Aurora, Baler in North Luzon for an adventure, ALONE. :) Because, why not? I can do this! *hugging myself

Or if you reading this on Saturday, I am now here enjoying the beach and surfing lesson. 

Top: Ripples | Swimsuit and Crochet Shorts: Cocobana Resort Wear by SM | Sunglasses: Sunnies by Charlie | Slippers: Havaianas

Ugh, I still have body pain from my Muay Thai session last Tuesday.
Learn how to balance life and work, guys!

Leaving you this song:

Wishing you a happy weekend! 

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Photo Diary: Cebu Blogging Community First Year Anniversary

I decided to create a blog because Flickr that time was only allowed 200 photos to upload for free account and you have to pay monthly for unlimited uploads. Basically, my Flickr is my first instagram version where I post the photos that I want to share. 

Back to the party, I mentioned how I become one of the members of this active community on our first ever meet up (add link). I can't believe that it's their First Anniversary of the community our theme is the best because we have to wear black! :) 

A very last minute decision of what to wear (what's new? I always do that... *talking to myself) anyway, I am so happy to see them again in person, I met some of them if I attend events here in Cebu, but I am so happy to see all of the bloggers and had a chance to interact with them in one place! Oh, I love gatherings.

Happy First Anniversary cake! :) 

Fun games! 

Picture, picture!

This event made possible with our great sponsors:

Thank you so much Yamba for the very generous gesture you gave Cebu Blogging Community!


Look at the prizes!

Oopps, the signage turned upside down as I enjoyed watching movies until 3AM with HOOQ. I am so hooked! They have free trial for 30 days and you can subscribe per month for very affordable rates. 

Yoyi's Pastries and Desserts

all so yummy!


Photo Grabbed from: Janine of

Shout out to Janine as my buddy for the night. Non-stop chika and sharing our blogging tips to each other. Hope to hangout with you soon? Food trip, maybe!

Photos from Jeph of 

Of course, how can you not be surprised?! The last time I saw Cat Trivino was in Boracay this summer, so I was happy to see her again. Hey, Loves!

I'm happy to joined this blogging community here in Cebu, I gained new friends and inspiration when it comes to updating my blog, gosh, most of them are so active.

Get to know more about CBC:

Have a great day everyone!

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why Boracay Island is my Ultimate Summer Getaway 2015

HOORAY! Another long post of photo diary. :) If you can still remember about La Boracay 2015 post, I've mentioned that I was with my friends from Manila :) Now, let me share you why this is called our ultimate summer getaway! Aside from the La Boracay events, here are the reasons why:

You booked ticket separately, but booked accommodation as one - the pressure is on

Last February after my Sagada trip, we had a quick meeting for our upcoming trip. 
When the idea came out as early during the Christmast break in 2014, I said we have to buy plane ticket as early as January, so when everybody was trying to keep it calm and still waiting for some miracle airline seat sale promos to come, I was the first one who booked airplane tickets and set the dates and time. Then, the next thing was the pressure is on for them to book their tickets! HAHAHA 

Second step was to create a group message where we can discuss about our accommodations on the island. Decision making and budgeting is part of this, we considered many hotels, but ended up all fully booked as early as February! Then, I suggested to stay at the resort where Cybil and I stayed there on my first Boracay trip 2013.

You can't contain yourself with excitement - when the waiting is over

I was the first one who arrived on the island because I'll be coming from Cebu. I don't know with you all, but while waiting for the room, I decided to walk around and checked the beach! I can't believe I am back on the island again and this time with friends from Manila. I decided to meet Hendrix who transferred to work and live there and we had lunch. When I went back to the hotel, my nose was bleeding because of the scorching heat! Wheeww! 

First time in Caticlan airport and I had a great time chit chatting with my seatmate, I made friends on my way to the island she is a student from Cebu Doctors University, hello girl! 

First thing I noticed was the Project Pie! I thought I was in the city. LOL. 

Tadaah! after four hours they finally arrived, Jonah arrived the next day. 

You will stay there for more than 3D/2N! - bummer!

Cmon! How can you not get more excited about not staying for just over the weekend? We stayed there for five nights and six Days! Wohooo! :D the longest and should be long!

Chill for the first night

Getting to know more each other - more bonding and more trashing!

They said that you will get to know someone if you will travel with them, we did a very good job, we were all honest (that's the important) and true to ourselves. The result? We're all compatible. No problem at all. 

Instincts are real! 

We were all surprised when we went out after our dinner to check the party scenes, we find it funny, but amazed wearing the same! Black tank top and stripes board shorts, who cast the spell on us? We didn't plan to wear this. Edi picture, picture!

We looked like we are working in a resort and this is our uniform. LOL!

You are team, decision making is important - like where to eat, what to order, which party to go and what to drink and etc. 

On our first night , we looked for a place to eat at D' Talipapa and we found this restaurant and Ohhmmyygoosh, all of them were so delicious that we always eat our dinner during our stay there.

Last dinner dishes photo.

You have downtime with each other 

Let's get real here - you are not the only person they know who is on the island and enjoying the summer. "Me time" is also important like you still want to do things on your own like to meet their friends that are also in Boracay or play online games, entertaining yourself on social media updates.

The downtime was real... 

I also met Cat Trivino of Globe 

and blogger Mary Narvasa of

You are confident to drink too much because you have each other's back - very important

When there are activities in Boracay, there are also at least "one night" to party harder! I will never go on the details because I can't remember that DJ Van Sander Dorn spinned. Unfotunately, I was the first one who got knocked out went back to our room. 

You will learn new skills - photography and posing on the camera!

My friends are fast learner! I asked them to take photos of me for my blog, I directed them how to take photos like "just click click click and I will do the rest."

Fun Activites!

Not because it is La Boracay 2015, spending our five days wouldn't be complete if we don't have any activities since Day 1 we have decided what to do in the morning or in the afternoon.



Island Hopping

We went snorkeling and to Magic Island where we spent more time because cliff diving in 10ft was so intensed! I didn't jump. 


Mt. Luho

You will have separation anxiety with each other - that you will decide to visit them in manila and continue the summer is forever motto in life!

Our last day was to buy presents to our friends and family - common thing you do when it is your last day in Boracay. Hating this part, but whatever. We had the same schedule going to the airport in Kalibo, but didn't expect that I will be separated again to my friends because the new terminal is where the Cebu Pacific terminal and the old one is for Air Asia passengers. Ugh. I thought I can still have few hours of bonding with them. That was really disappointing. 

Whatever. I booked my ticket to Manila a week after our trip! I can't with my separation anxiety, I needed to cure it so I flew to see them all again and end this sepanx syndrome. Post will be coming soon. :) 

What is your ultimate getaway with your friends? I would love to know, share it to me! ;)

Have a great day everyone!
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