Friday, August 26, 2016

On the Rocks at Ilig-Iligan Beach

I was refresh more than pressing the F5 button in my laptop keyboard when I went to Boracay Island last July. I was longing for a beach trip after April. I thought that was my last out of town because you will never know what lies ahead. Life lately was in a rollercoaster ride that you can still manage not to throw up when you reach the highest peak and going down landslide. BAM!

I leave to live. I stayed home for less than a month and left again to live. I remember my last year trips whenever I go I always go back. Now, whenever I'm home I always want to leave to look or find something I don't know yet. Isn't sounds crazy? 

Honestly, whenever I go home I don't unpacked my stuff right away. It takes a month after or whenever I have to packed my things again. I find it tiring now. I even mastered packing my things couple of hours before going to the airport. I thought I will never get tired of this, but I guess I do now. 

Booking tickets for less than a month trip is what I was up to. I still believe that spontaneous is fun, but I guess I don't find it any fun now. The excitement is there, the feeling is high, you are happy, but the impact after is kind a long-term than you were happy. These are experiences that you bring home and sometimes it became excess (emotional) baggage that you have to deal with.  

Looking back, I don't have any regrets, I'm just happy and let me use this "feeling blessed". 

Not "sometimes" I think "we should" go somewhere we can breathe and clear our mind somewhere we can relax and forget and leave everything we don't want to remember. After all, good or bad those are experiences that we have to encounter and will make us tougher, stronger and wiser.

I thought I will not feel this again, but I am on the rocks right now (with myself), I feel comfortable that I should be more aware of my decisions in life.

PS: Going out with the whole family! Mom's birthday too! :)
Until next drama-rama post.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Uncover The Secret Life of Pets McDonald's Happy Meal!

Furry friends from The Secret Life of Pets movie have taken their adventure to McDonald’s! Discover their secret tricks with the McDonald’s Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal, available in all stores nationwide starting August 20. 

In the Secret Life of Pets movie, Max’s life is turned upside down when his owner brings home a stray dog named Duke. Both dogs go on an adventure in the streets of New York and find themselves in different kinds of crazy antics. The movie will show in cinemas starting August 24. 

Collect all eight Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal toys, each featuring a playful pet from the movie: I swear they are all so cute! 

1. Max - A Terrier with a strong emotional attachment to his owner, Katie. Wind him up to see him flip over.

2. Duke - An adopted mutt who becomes Max’ new brother. Move his leg to hear him laugh and howl.

3. Gidget - A bubbly Pomeranian with a crush on her dog neighbor, Max. Wind her up to watch her head bob up and down. My favorite! :) 

4. Sweet Pea - A parakeet who enjoys flying and being outdoors. Press him down on a surface to lift his wings.

5. Buddy - A long black Dachshund who likes getting a massage from a kitchen mixer. Pull and release to stretch his body. We have our own Garth! :) 

6. Snowball - An abandoned rabbit who becomes the leader of ‘The Flushed Pets.’ Press his bunny tail to change his eyes from cute to cunning.

7. Chloe - A blue tabby cat who loves food and cat treats. Press the button on her back to hear her purr.

8. Croc - A member of ‘The Flushed Pets.’ Push him along a surface for his mouth to snap open and closed. OMG! Reminds me of the crocodile show I watched in Thailand recently. HAHAHA :) 
Bring home your favorite Secret Life of Pets movie character with every Happy Meal! Customers can choose from the Chicken McDo, 4pc Chicken McNuggets, Burger McDo, McSpaghetti, and Cheesy Eggdesal during breakfast hours, with Orange Drink and Fries or Corn.

Let me introduce to you Garth! Our dog. I am not sure if he has secrets too. 

Share your family’s bonding moments with the Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal toys on the official Facebook page, or by tagging @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #McDoHappyMeal.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

How I Spent My Weekend in Sentosa and Clarke Quay Singapore

An overdue post! (I know, I know... forgive me!) 

Side note: Oh, by the way, I just got back from my Thailand trip. I left my mobile phone there. Sigh. (trying to move on now...) 

Going back. Even if I have extra time and break from my working hours at home to blog about my recent trips, I can't do it. I prefer to go out and walk, walk, walk because I was focused on my work, work, work, in front of my desk. I miss working out jogging, yoga and muay thai with my friend. Huhu

Moving forward, here's my photo diary when I was in Singapore last May for few weeks for work. Yes for work. Let me spell that to you: WORK. No play just work. Just kidding!  

It was a great opportunity for me to visit the country and live like a local. I was nervous (not because it's my first time to go out of the country) because I was alone to go there hahaha this will practice my traveling alone mantra and excited to see my friends who are working in Singapore. Oh-ha! 

I was with my friend Sam working as a Nurse and she was free for weekend so I was so happy that she can tour me around Sentosa.

My photographer: Sam Clicks! Thank you for taking my photos. 

Polo:  Basics | Shorts: Uniqlo | Shoes: Palladium Boots | Bag: Bric's

Finally reached the Palawan Beach Sentosa

Clarke Quay at Night

After we had our dinner we visited our another friend from our hometown Max! He's working in Singapore for three years.

This fortune teller machine never gets old! I remember my Mom doing this kind of thing when I was a kid. So I tried too!

But first coffee. 

But I went out with Eden my childhood friend on a Wednesday night at Holland Village for dinner and drinks to catch up with a lot of updates with each other. She is also working now in Singapore. 

So finally here's the crew: I, Sam and Max 

After our few drinks at Mondo Mio Restaurant we had to rush to MRT for the last trip ride because it was almost 12MN. Feels like we had curfew there, but that was fun! :)

Oh. That's me alone photo by Sam Clicks while waiting for the train.

The next day, I met Kuya Rocky and his wife Ate Sarj and had lunch and coffee together in Orchard.

So lucky to have friends in this country, thanks for the treat! God bless you all. 

More photo diary soon!

Have a great day everyone! 

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