Sunday, May 1, 2016

DIET: Puso Bistro and Bar Restaurant

Did I just eat that? is back! Wohooo!

It was perfect to relax and eat good food on a weekend. I know it's summer and everyone is busy going to the gym and getting back into shape while me thinking where to eat and what to eat. We all know every weekend it's always crowded at the mall and you can't relax while dining. 

Puso Bistro and Bar is located at Quest Hotel as their main dining outlet. It’s where breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are served as well as delicious ala carte dishes. Perfect for the entire day! 

Breakfast Buffet

Lunch Buffet 

Mmmm for Merienda

For your afternoon snacking, you can enjoy mouthwatering merienda favorites including pancit palabok, palabok, camote balls, pancit lomi, Cebuano torta, dinuguan, kutchinta, cassava cake and more! Available everyday from 2PM to 6PM. 

They also have DIY Pizza Party :)

Ala Carte Dishes 

Region 7
a ceviche of tanguigue (spanish mackerel)

Cebuano Potchero
Traditional Cebuano clear ginger soup of beef shank, sweet corn, bamboo shoot and native pechay 

Linguine Aligue
Linguine pasta in white wine and crabfat sauce topped with grilled shrimp and mushroom, garnished with shaved queso de bola and toast. 

Chicken breast rolled and stuffed with ham and queso served with spaghetti of vegetables and mango sauce 

Lumpia Napoleon
Sauteed heart of palm layered in crispy fried wanton skin and glazed with garlic-peanut sauce

Interesting presentation, I honestly had a hard time how to eat this. :D 

Salmon Teriyaki
Marinated in honey-teriyaki glaze and served with Japanese spring Vegetable ragout 

This is my favorite! :) 


Desserts! :) 

Luxury Cheese Cake
Cheezy delightful bite of white chocolate cheesecake topped with fresh mango. 

Oh goodness! This is my favorite :) Cheesecake is my forever favorite. 

For more updates visit:

Puso Bistro & Bar

Quest Hotel & Conference Center
Archbishop Reyes Avenue
Cebu City, Philippines
+63 32 4025999 / +63 32 2305888 / +63 917 3129794
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Mini Review

I am so lucky to be part of the premiere screening last April 25. It was really strict as we all know that the law of movie piracy. all our mobile phones and gadget devices were deposited at the entrance of the cinema. It was great to focus on the film. 

While watching Captain America: Civil War - It is closely related to my recent out of town trip with friends - Friendship goals, action packed, funny moments in between serious matters, plus plot twist that made one very emotional and timely Political pressure for everyone.

No spoilers on my review blog post, just 9/10 rating. 

Amazing movie you should watch with friends or solo. :)

I would like to thank you to Richard Abad of Bisaya Short Films and SM Seaside Cinema for inviting me. 

Here's the trailer 2:
I want to watch the movie again. 

P.S: Chris Evans why soooo hot? 

Have a great day everyone! 

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cebu Mountain Bike Trail Tour Adventure

So let's list down of all the new things I tried so far. "What am I doing in my life" thing is on.

First, I hopped into an awesome sea adventure for Cebu Booze Cruise Sinulog, test my limits on Rock Climbing in Poog, tried the day hiking in Mt. Pinatubo solo and added on my list is Cebu Mountain Bike Trail tour.

Just like when I decided to go for a rock climbing, it only took me days to say "yes" when my friends from my previous work invited me (well, we still have contact and bonding with each other because we built friendship out of work) also it would be great to see them all again and catch up with the latest happenings in each other's life.

It was early as 7AM call time. Cebu MTB Adventure is located at Guadalupe, Cebu City beside Crown Regency Hotel. It was Saturday and the weather was perfect. Gosh, I was a little bit nervous what will be the trail looks like. The last time I had an off roads biking was in my hometown at Southern Leyte when I was in high school. Joshua who organized this tour and said that most of the trails are downhill so no need to worry. 

Safety first. We all know it's important to wear protective gears when biking. 

Meet the crew! 
Group photo before we leave. 

This is their truck for our transpo to the starting point.

Brgy. Sirao 

Preparing for our first trail. 

First three minutes moment

I crashed! I was totally surprised and I didn't control the breaks going down on the trail. I was messed up with balance too, I felt like I was in a movie with a slow motion when I decided to go sideways and let go of the bike and slide myself. My hipbone was the first one landed, then my face that broke my sunglasses and my head, but I was wearing helmet so I was fine. I felt pain on my hipbone and I can still walk and stand, so there's no bone fractures (Thank you, God!) 

It was funny and painful at the same time so this was my reaction after.

The guide said that if you can't do it, you can always walk down the trail and so I did! I looked like I'm a pro in walking with a bike. 

When I saw this view, I was amazed!! So this is where the place where you can have photoshoot. 


I was caught snapping (snapchat: jewelclicks) for my update after my crashed. 

Friends are enjoying the view while practicing some biking skills. 

Jess, Almyr, I, Josh, John, Mark and Keenan

Like a pro

I can't help but to take photos of this beautiful view.

Cow are you? :D

Off to second trail. The sweeper waited for me. 

Another spot for a quick stop over. So beautiful!

Off to Lunch!

Second crashed! This time, I let myself fall because I lost my grip. 

Lunch time!

Boodle fight! 

Off to last trail everybody was so hype! Most of them went to the hard trail and of course I went to the easy trail.

Last stop to rest and to take a dip in this cold water.

End of tour at 2:30PM awesome!

with Gene Faelnar, owner of Cebu MTB

Looking forward for another Mountain Bike Adventure! :)

They also have other trails outside Cebu City. 

Book your adventure with your friends today!
check their facebook page for updates:

Here's our video by Keenan to see us in action

I am so ready for my next adventure. 
Have a great day everyone!

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