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I'm not really into booties, but seeing fashion bloggers wearing those shoes, I think I'm falling in love with those. BUT I still ha...
I'm not really into booties, but seeing fashion bloggers wearing those shoes, I think I'm falling in love with those. BUT I still have to think about "how many times will I'm going to wear the shoes?" if I will buy a pair. I don't want to invest into something that I will not going to wear often. Still the addiction of shoes is there but yeah, being practical is what I want to do (crossing fingers.) Just what I've said on my previous post, I banned myself for shopping. Whatever it is - - If you love it, then BUY it. :D (Impulsive shopper mode!)

So here are my picks:

Just kidding! :D I know its moving too fast that you can't see the details of each pairs soo... here. :D

Lace Weaving Vamp Short Boots

Fashion Drawstick Thick Heel Short Boots

Fashion Drawstick Thick Heel Short Boots

Vogue Drawstick Thick Heel Short Boots

It's hard to pick "one" HAHA! They are all gorgeous. If you like one of these pairs, click below and to see more options. (:


Have a great day everyone! <3 
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  1. oh babe!!!

    i totally agree with you!!!

    especially the jefrey campbell ones right...

    they are actually pretty comfy

    Label me Addict<3

  2. love those boots =) I want one too..

  3. wow. very nice pairs of shoes!!! i love them. i'm into boots...

  4. hi thanks for following me... followed you back.

  5. they are all lovely! Great picks!

    btw, If you want a free sigma make up brush feel free to join my giveaway. :]

  6. Those are so awesome! Love it :D
    Gonna get a pair. Wow

  7. Neat all the pairs looks so cool!
    Thank you so much for the follow/comment and in return followin u back =)

  8. Wow.. I love the red one.

  9. Love how you did that with the pictures! Seen these everywhere too, but I can't pull them off. Hope to see you in them though :)

  10. i have the same dilemma. i LOVE boots, but i hardly get to wear them here! love the nude ones, though...sure to make your legs look long!


  11. They are total eye candy, aren't they?
    Unfortunately, I would never be able to walk in those. Haha

  12. The Litas are such gorgeous shoes, I am sure you would get a lot of wear out of them if you purchase them! :)

    The Cat Hag

  13. I think if you get a neutral colored one (like the last ones or black), you'll definitely get your money's worth.

    Also, you can always go for wedge oxfords which are more versatile in my opinion :)

  14. JC is the BEST!


  15. Oh they're awesome ! They look kind of vintage ... :) Especially love the lace ones.
    I'm your 100th follower beacuse you have a great blog! ;)

    Emilie xoxo

  16. wow!!! i love the red ones! cute post! :)

  17. I just ordered one pair JC boots. They are really the best! :)

  18. following you now! ahh so this is where they order the JC replica's.. i wonder how much it would cost if I only buy one.. ehehhe wonderful tip!

  19. aaawww astig! may naa-lala ko dati shoes ni Bianca Gonzales. Super Ganda, di ko lang kayang i-explain eh hahaha

  20. Your Blog is wonderful!!! I FOLLOW YOU!! ABSOLUTELY!!! :)


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