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Yay for the first day of August! ♥ Last Saturday, I went to SM City Cebu and I can't handle the crowd. Irresistible sale were irresistib...
Yay for the first day of August! ♥ Last Saturday, I went to SM City Cebu and I can't handle the crowd. Irresistible sale were irresistible! I remember the bag I (really, really, really,) want to buy since the first time I saw it online. I fell in love with it. :) I decided to go to Park Mall to visit Tonic.

Tonic is located inside Luxe. There are also other stores inside.

I love the top (on the mannequin)! But its too big for me. Sigh.

I want to sit beside her wearing her dress. JK.

Hello Jewels! :D
The bag I bought.. my new baby :)

I find this shoes cute :)

They have cute flats and wedges and colour blocking bags: (Photos from Tonic FB Page)

These are cute but I love Mandy, the name of my new baby :)
You can also shop online.

How was your weekend? ♥

Have a great day everyone! ♥
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  1. wow, ingon ana na diay sa Cebu! lol. I miss Cebu, very very much... :(

  2. AHHHHH. SO MANY CUTE THINGS! The shoes are fabby! xx

  3. Gorgeous! A friend sells her jewelry in that maze :-) Tonic is also a great shopping find. This place is like The Ramp in Manila :-)

    The Glamarazzi

  4. Your new bag is cute indeed, and it definitely suits you!

    Love that shoe shop, they have such adorable items. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  5. I love your new bag sweetie :)) thank you for visiting my blog :) I am following you now!
    Hope to hear more of you soon :)

  6. Oh my gosh this looks amazing! Love that bag doll! Your blog is so cute, definitely following. Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. This looks like a great store! All the bags are so adorable, but I do like the one you picked out best too.
    Thanks for following along!


  8. love the bags, so cute and colorful! are you authorized to take pictures inside stores? because here in my country the workers will be mad at you if you did xD
    thanks so much for you lovely comment!
    i'm following you back too dear, really love your blog :3
    xoxo, Monstros no Armário

  9. i like the bag :)

    Thx for the support yes im following u back

  10. your bag is so cute, beautiful color !
    I love the shoe shop and their bags! I would like to stay there.

  11. Amei tudo por aqui, já estou seguindo...
    Bjos cute pra você.

  12. yay to getting the you got a great deal?! thanks for stopping by [oomph.]

  13. love the photos! very cute blog :)

    andrea g.

  14. such a cute BLOG!!!

    it so lovely babe!!!

    come visit me:)

  15. love all the pictures Jewel! my favorite one is the bags! xx Joice

  16. LOVELY bag! :)

  17. Hey !
    Those mocs are so cute, and those bags OMG ! So gorgeous :)

  18. i love tonic! they have such awesome array of shoes!


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