Happy Birthday To Me

Yay! It's my special day today. I swear I have no idea what to do. I have no plans yet. (help!) I even expected that it will be on Fri...

Yay! It's my special day today. I swear I have no idea what to do. I have no plans yet. (help!) I even expected that it will be on Friday, but NO! What's wrong with me?! HAHA!

Last year, we eat out at Moon's Cafe with the special people. Celebrating my birthday when I was a kid was awesome. I have many birthday party memories with my childhood friends. When I was about to leave my grade school life, I don't want my classmates to know when is my birthday, so they will not tease me that makes me embarrassed. Weird! :D Before you get completely bored with my story will share you these photos.

Five years old ME :) with my Sister and Brother. What's with my facial expression while slicing the cake? :D

Last year, dinner with the sis and the bro. Our act: "Maangas" face. (Dress down outfit and I miss my long hair.)

cardigan: thrifted; top: american eagle outfitters; black tube: Pink; shorts: true love (SM); watch: Timex

I will go to church. Thank God for the blessings and another year added on my life. 
Still deciding where to have a dinner with my siblings and special someone.

Have a great day everyone! :) 
Enjoy your weekend! 
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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope you have a fabulous day :)

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  2. Hey, Happy Birthday, sweety! May all your dreams come true!
    P.s. The first picture is so niiice! You are adorable!))


  3. then, Happy birthday, Jewel! You asked how I was, I'm sort of busy at school. How about you?

    Enjoy your day, give thanks to Him and to all the people who have been with you for the past years. God bless you! :)

  4. Happy Birthday jewel !!!! September ka din pala hehe!

  5. happy birthday! enjoy your special day!!!

  6. hey LOVE,
    a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!

    i love birthdays but as every year comes i get very anxious about how my day will be...so you must have felt it tooo!!!!

    anyways i hope you will have a blast and that picture of you when you were younger i just so sweet and lovely!!!

    Label me ADDICT ♥

  7. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you'll have a blast. :D

  8. happy b-day Jewel..

  9. Waah! It's your birthday! Let me sing you a song..

    ♫♪ ♫ Happy happy birthday! Happy happy birthday! happy happy birthday to you... Maligayang bati! Maligayang bati! Maligayang bati sayo! ♪♫ :)

  10. happy b'day dear..
    all the best wishes goes to u


  11. Happy Birthday! Super awesome blog...very nice photos :)


  12. Happy Birthday Sweetie, I love how close you are to your family! :)

    The Cat Hag

  13. Happy Birthday, my dear.

    xx Love & Aloha
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  14. Belated Happy Birthday... sorry busy :)) hehehe...


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