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Calm down... I'm not talking about White Hat SEO. LOL :D Will never talk about it on here. After 12345asdfg years... I finally tasted t...
Calm down... I'm not talking about White Hat SEO. LOL :D Will never talk about it on here. After 12345asdfg years... I finally tasted the yogurt that is located near the Black Sheep store (one of my favorite stores) and Annie's Salon where I and the boyfriend favorite salon for our haircut. 

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt is located on the 2nd level of SM City Cebu. I have no idea what to order except that I have to do my own combo toppings to add on my plain yogurt. So I don't want to bother myself "what" toppings to be added on. I asked the guy what is their best seller combo? 

This is what he served: Healthy Nuts (nuts, kiwi and cranberries) PHP125.00

Taste so good and feel like their serving is good for two. HAHA! :D I can't stand the sour of yogurt, but if you will add kiwi and cranberries as toppings that can be sweet. 
It's been made and enjoyed for more than 4,000 years and yet YOGURT is relatively new to the Filipino diet. And only recently has it been marketed in a form that can be best enjoyed by the Filipino palate: as a frozen dessert. 
We at The White Hat® are committed to promote the eating of healthy and REAL YOGURT--with LIVE, ACTIVE CULTURES--among Filipinos. Yogurt has so many benefits that eating it regularly can contribute to a longer life of HEALTH and HAPPINESS.

I love eating yogurt. Whenever I like to eat, I always end up buying at the grocery and no spoon so I have to go to the food court just to eat them which was hassle! Now that there are many yogurt stands, I can now eat and sit on their cozy chair. I also go for Yakult, which is good for tummy. :) (In case, you don't like yogurt.)

Have a great weekend everyone! <3


  1. wow that looks delicious !!! hehe.

    may white hat din dito ma try nga one time ^_^

  2. Yummy .Wanna try it .Cute blog ,by the way.

    Follow each other .

  3. Bisaya pud diay ka? OMG. :D Kainggit ang White Hat na yan. wala niyan dito sa megamall or robinson's. hahaha

  4. I love Yogurt especially when it's frozen, and this look so goood! Thank you for dropping by and following! Follow back.


  5. Frozen yoghurt is super yummy, and I think The White Hat is such a clever name too. :)

    The Cat Hag

  6. favorite ko ang white hat na kiwi. Pero it seems ako lang ang may gusto samin ng kiwi whit hat, all others think I'm weird.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  7. yum! we love fro-yo here! i like mine plain...no toppings. somtimes i'll add a few mochis or gummi bears :)

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  8. That picture of yogurt made me sooooooo hungry:-)
    Ask Erena

  9. Mmm I love frozen yogurt! Great blog!!
    Kari @ www.eastlondonstyle.com

  10. I love froyo! Which totally reminds me that I need to get some soon! Also, I always put tons of fruit on mine, especially kiwi! :)

  11. that looks tempting, really! love your blog <3

    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)



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