I'm asking this in behalf of a friend that I want to help but I can't coz I lack experience & she's too shy to ask it herself. If you really like someone who's in a relationship, would you hold back or keep holdin on to that feelin & make your move?

Wow. This is an interesting question. Kinda really hard. In my own POV, If I "really" like someone who's in a relationship, I&...

Wow. This is an interesting question. Kinda really hard. In my own POV, If I "really" like someone who's in a relationship, I'd rather keep hold back on to that feeling and move on.

Just imagine if you are the girlfriend of the guy and someone's in love with him of course you don't want to have third party in your relationship. Just think of any consequences if you'll make a move. Love can wait. But then again "uso na daw ngaun ang agawan, para may thrill."

Move on and there's a lot of fishes in the sea. :) (easy to say but so hard to do.)

Give me a hollar! What do you want to know?


  1. for me, i would leave him and move on.. life is cruel to those aspirants, that's why i'll accept the fact that we are not meant to be...

    have a nice day


  2. There are alot of other fishes in the sea. I believe that there is not just one soul mate for us. I agree with you. If the person that you are with is with another then they are not that into you. Honestly, if the guy/girl loved each other then they would not do something to hurt you that way.

  3. just be honest on what you feel, maybe you can use him/her to serve ay your inspiration :)

    wild and fierce

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  4. I love your blog! I'd say I agree with what you say and your feelings on the subject, true plenty of fish in the sea. Would love to be blog friends, want to follow each other? I always follow back!

    Couture Caddy

  5. For me I would leave this person! But it's to hard and personal to give love advice!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  6. o0o0o0o lets see, honestly I think it depends. If your friend and the other person are good friends already and if they think he likes her then I think he will automatically leave his gf to be with your friend. BUT I think this should not be something that is provoked, or else your friend would be a home wrecker lol which Im sure they're not. If he doesn't leave his current gf for her then he doesn't like her in the first place and in that case there is plenty of fish in the sea! And I don't think your friend should tell the guy she likes him, because if she does and he breaks up with his current gf to be with her then he just seems like a half hearted guy! Sorry for the super long comment!


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