October Updates!

Hello October ! :)  This month, we have 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays. It happens every...I dunno, you do the Math! Yesterday, I d...
Hello October! :) This month, we have 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays. It happens every...I dunno, you do the Math!

Yesterday, I didn't keep my promise that "No shopping until November." Yep! I have to save moolah for some reason: (1) I will buy a camera; (2) to upgrade my mobile phone or (3) to buy a PSP Vita that will be launch this November. Okay. Enough. There's nothing wrong with dreaming or having goals in life. It's FREE! LOL :D

Twenty Three
Photo taken on my birthday. Click the photo to view. 
We are now on the 10th month of the year and I am so happy with the blessings I received last month. I celebrated my birthday with family and special someone. Another year added to my life and live like it's my last show on earth.

What I did yesterday: (First day of October)

1. YAY! it has been a month since the first day of my (new) job! (I survived! And still surviving and I have to.)

2. My sister Pre will be going to our hometown to unwind and be free from stress (at work) and also to visit Dad. That means... the two will have unlimited drinks every night! Yes, they're drinking buddies.

3. Yesterday morning, my planned was to buy something for Dad, but ended up with buying sheer tops! Geeezzz! WHY? I banned myself for shopping! eh? Useless!

4. I and the boyfriend went to his dentist.

5. After, we went to SM for his haircut. While waiting, I was with these bunch of girls from Thailand on the waiting area. (If you will ask, how did I know? because of their accent and the way they speak, I recognized some words from the movie: A Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Thai Movie.)

6. Went out with my brother to buy stuffs for Dad, hope he will like those. HAHA! :) I'm sure he will. ;) It was hard to pick. (hello Dad!)

7. I checked the balance of my ATM and (no need to detail this one. HAHA!) I use my ATM card to pay for anything. It's very convenient since, I don't need to bring cash or bring my big wallet! (with lots of receipts and ID cards inside, hahah!)

8. I thought, Facebook will change everybody's profile into a new timeline. But anyway, it's alright because I can wait. HAHA!

9. Typing this entry and publish then will go to sleep.

Reminders this month:

1. My cousin from Manila with his girlfriend and friends will be here in Cebu for three days and two nights. I dunno, what are their plans. Hoping that they will enjoy their stay here and will be able to hang out with them. (crossing my fingers)

2. My good/best friend from Manila is inviting me for her baby's baptismal. I did not promise that I will be there, but I swear! I tried to book for a flight, but the dates are already not available (every time there's a seat sale.) I can't afford to buy expensive ticket NOW. Plus I have a new job and giving my best not to absent even one day. Hope she will understand. :(

I love this song and I love her! Mr. Know It All - Kelly Clarkson

That's all, so far. How about you? What are your plans this month?

Have a great day everyone! <3 Take Care y'all!


  1. Happy Bertdey advance! anyway, october din ako. (^___________^)

  2. haha, i just outlined my rest of the year on a recent post! busy, busy, busy!! happy belated??!!

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  3. Facebook is now ugly. as it changes it becomes worse. haha

    i had watched the movie crazy little thing called love, it's so nice...
    have a nice day.

    dropping by mr837.blogspot.com

  4. That sounds like a super fun and eventful day!

    I am a lazy bug, and rarely manage to pack a lot of things into my off days and you make me feel like I should. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  5. love the blog decide to add on my blogroll :)

  6. Your outfit is cool. So chic. Thanks for hopping on my blog, hope you could visit my personal blog. Anyway, loving the Kelly Clarkson newest song. Awesome!

  7. what a fun post to read! Hmmm, I'm not sure of any specific plans I have for the month besides Halloween, which will be fun but other than that, I guess I'll just have to wait and see! :)

    xo andrea

  8. hahaa well sheer tops are awesome!! but hopefully you will find a gift for your dad!

  9. Belated happy birthday and for sure your dad will appreciate the stuff you buy for him:)

    Ang hirap tlga mag pigil..ako rin no shopping until christmas so di ako nag try mag atck sa mall....hahaha:)

  10. i love the blouse!

  11. I like your picture and I love the outfit!Cool post :) xx

  12. love your top. love florals, actually. :) i frequently use that line too, "no shopping til.." and then i break it naman. haha! belated happy birthday. :D


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