Tablea Chocolate Cafe

Last weekend, the boyfriend keeps on telling me that we should try Tablea Chocolate Cafe . I was like "at JY Square right?" then ...
Last weekend, the boyfriend keeps on telling me that we should try Tablea Chocolate Cafe. I was like "at JY Square right?" then he told me that "no, they also have in Northwing" (SM Cebu.) We searched somewhere but we didn't find it. LOL! We even used the directory at Northwing, the flat touch screen monitor. SM, should update their directory, because its not found! So, we used our mobile phone and called the admin of SM to asked where is the exact location. HAHA :D and Yay! :) 

We were entertained by the guy with tattoos on his arms. (cool!)

We asked what is their best seller on their Frios Ice Blended. He almost said all of them. :D Then the boyfriend choose Choco Banana Frio and I choose Oreo Frio. :)

While waiting... apologized for the blurry photo the bf wasn't like to take photo of me, I just insisted! wahaha! :D

So this what happened. I took a photo of my legs/feet. (???)

Tadaaah! The boyfriend's Choco Banana Frio. <3 Taste soo good, tablea it is! :D

And mine... Oreo Frio! :) <3 sweet. Love the taste. :D

The next day, we went to Ayala (branch hopping? haha!) and we tried their iced flavored chocolate milk. 

Mine was Hazelnut and Vanilla was the bf choice.

You guys should try Tablea. Like their FB page.

Have a happy weekend everyone! :)
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  1. there's also one in Robinson's Galleria ;)

  2. yum ^_^ murag lami man jud nah bah...hehe :)

  3. I like making gome-made Tabea hot chocolate

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  5. i love your blog.. it's so neat and clean..and your posts are so interesting.. followed you..

  6. Will def try this too! I feel so thirsty and hungry looking at these photos, hehe :)

  7. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can be blog buddies hehe, I love finding new blogs! xoxo


  8. mmm looks so delicious! Your blog is lovely!



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