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Last Sunday, I wanted to do something productive and fun, so I decided to go to MV Logos Hope , which I blogged about and promised to blog ...

Last Sunday, I wanted to do something productive and fun, so I decided to go to MV Logos Hope, which I blogged about and promised to blog about my experienced. Warning: Photos loading....NOW!

I love this photo. Rest day it is! :)

MV Logos Hope. Entrance is only PHP20.00

I'm going in. :) 2PM in the afternoon and it was HOT!

At the entrance.

What's inside the ship.

Once you have entered, you have to watch a two-minute video about what are inside the ship and what are they offering.


Museum wall. History of MV Logos Hope. :)

Life is a journey. Nice quote!

Books! O_O #nerd

Units equivalent to Pesos. :)

Amazing, there's a book for people who has Food Allergy like me. [ Yes, I have food allergy. :( ]


They're also selling CDs, all are inspirational songs and spiritual songs. 

This space called Story Wall. Someone will tell story about Journey of Life.


The story ended with a question "Where is your journey taking you today?"

On the other side, there's another video that you can watch and the cute guy. :D

And...we have photos together! :) He did the "kimchi" or "peace" sign posed.

I told him that here in the Philippines, we do this posed. :D He's game!

Then off to their International Cafe.

Two different nationalities in-charge at the counter.

We ordered ice cream and it was yummy. :) My friend Chin.

They have Open Ship where you can meet, greet, and take photos with different nationalities. [oopss... will not post the photos. ;) ]

Posing while others were busy taking photos and checking every booth.

I wore stripes and paired with distressed shorts, feels like a sailor. :) I just want to wear comfy and fit for day off. 

We didn't noticed its already 4PM and we felt like we were just got there. #TimeFliesSoFast

I bought "From Now On..." a spiritual book. ;)

Hope to see you soon! ;)

If you have nothing to do this weekend, visit MV Logos Hope. They will be here in Cebu until February 13, 2012 and leave on the 14th. :)

Hope you like my photos as much as I do (love yourself). What are your plans this coming weekend? :)

Have a great day everyone! :)
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  1. Jewel! This is awesome. :) I actually had fun looking at your pics. Felt like I was there too. Hehe.

  2. I would definitely want to go there, I think they have a friendly and cute staff huh? hehehe...

  3. how i wish this ship will dock in dgte. i would absolutely go. :) nice pics, btw.

  4. It looks like you had such a fun time! Love your outfit too!!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. this sounds like so much fun! love the concept. so, what does your pose mean anything?


  6. hi jewel! thanks for the comment on my site. mann, that was like a titanic shot there! nice photos! and i love the top!


  7. wow galing naman me book store inside :) sna mapadaan cla somwwhere dito sa manila hehe I love the last photo ;)

  8. looked like a lot of fun!

  9. That is such a cool idea - great pics :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. I hope they will also visit Tacloban. Nice photos!

  11. great photo! look so much fun! :D


  12. OMG! You have to know how truly lucky you are. A gigantic book fair inside a ship, cute foreign men, and not to mention you're in a Cebu! :) I went there with my family about... 4 years ago? We had our summer vacation there and it was absolutely lovely. I missed it a lot. Awesome shots :)

  13. looking so fun. i love all your photo , wanna follow each other?
    follow me if you love and i'll follow back


  14. Thanks for your lovely comment on my new blog and for following!!! Sure, I'm following you now!!! Kiss dear :D


  15. oh this looks so fun!
    wish we have something like that in singapore

    style frontier

  16. wow looks like you had an amazing time! wonderful photos! :)



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