Hinunangan So. Leyte Photo Diary

The reasons why I had a short vacation at our hometown Hinunangan So. Leyte last week because I want to have a break from work and to atte...
The reasons why I had a short vacation at our hometown Hinunangan So. Leyte last week because I want to have a break from work and to attend our annual family gathering (last year beach outing here). But I didn't mention that it was also our Grandmother's Felicidad Sumbeling Delgado, retired teacher and military nurse, first year death anniversary on my previous posts and rants here on my blog. We offered prayer for nine days until the day of May 5th. We also attended mass as early as 5 o'clock and went to cemetery.

One of our plans is to go beachin' at small island in front of Hinunangan open bay. I'm not sure, but there are two islands (big and small) and they call it St. Peter and St. Paul islands. We didn't have enough sleep, but we were all excited.

We were at the shore as early as 7 AM :) Photo opts in 3... 2....1!

Life vests check! We don't know how to swim. =| With cousin Angela and Sister Precious. :) (Trivia: my name Jewel is after my sister's name. =D )

Beach Hut goodies! Sunblock for face SPF 65, what can I say? O_O

Sunblock for body with 100++ SPF to beat the heat and protect your skin. :)

Precious with beach hut frisbee! :)

We traveled 15 - 20 minutes going to the island and this is how lovely the place looks like.

Imagine yourself here. Yes?

Crystal clear water that made us swim when we arrived! :)

But before that, I had a quick shot, just don't mind my face I love the place, cool background eh? :)

YAY! Swimming time :)

Sami, Gang-Gang, Me, Angela and Precious

All the troops are complete. Cool shot by my brother Jericho! :)

Jericho! It was my turn to take a photo of him. He decided not to swim so I asked him to take photos of us while we are in the water.

And to he collected these cute sea creatures while we were at the island. You don't have to worry because he returned them at the shore to live! :)

Look what I've found! Heart shaped coral :) Of course, I keep this one as my souvenir. <3

Everyone was busy doing their own thing at the island, so self-portrait is the answer when my vanity striked.

Board shorts by Roxy. <3

Crystal photo of the sea water going home. We had a short stayed at the island from 8AM until 12NN. O_O What can you say? But we didn't felt that it was just 4 hours because we're all had fun! More photos to blog soon! :) <3

Few weeks until the summer ends, how will you spend it? And some of you will experience the summer next month! It's your turn now. :)

Have a great day everyone! ♥


  1. wow! looks like a great trip!



  2. You looks great under the sun!


  3. That beach looks amazing! The water is so clear! Divine

  4. wooow the beach seriously me jealous!


  5. jealous! haven't been swimming this summer! :|:) Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog dear!


  6. aww looks like the island was all yours!!! :D ang gandaaaa :)

    1. YES! Me and family were the only people at the island. :) Thanks, Hazel! :)

  7. D: breathtaking !!

    the place looks really nice DD:

  8. seems like you had lottas happiness :))
    I'm following yours dears <3


  9. gosh, now i'm really jealous. this place looks simply amazing! i wanna go to the sea again so badly!

  10. Nice photos! Love it ^^ Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  11. Wow! really awesome place! What a great fun-filled adventure! By the way, Jewel, I've started my blogroll and as promised, i have linked your site. thanks!

  12. Wow!!! Ang linaw ng tubig! Cool photos! ヅ

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