Candy Girl

Top: Bluenotes | Cardigan: Planet Exchange | Jeans: Street Code | Shoes: Solemate by SM Dept. | Belt: YRYS I usually wear neutral colors...
Top: Bluenotes | Cardigan: Planet Exchange | Jeans: Street Code | Shoes: Solemate by SM Dept. | Belt: YRYS

I usually wear neutral colors at work. I decided one day that I will try to splash bright colors to brighten up my day at work. :) I felt like a candy girl. This top I wore on this look is perfect to beat the heat on my way to the office. I paired it with pink cardigan to create a perfect colour blocking.

I bought a new comfy jeans that has cool max cloth that makes you feel so cool for hot days. Good for those girls who have legs that sweat if wearing jeans. :)

I also love this comfy Solemate sandals. In short, this look spells comfort and style.

And yay! for red nails. :)

How do you brighten up your day?

P.S. Today is our 114th Independence Day of the Philippines. YAY! :)

Have a great day everyone! ♥


  1. Good new look for your homepage. Cool design! And also a simple, nice-looking outfit. Perfect for you!! Good day!

  2. I am now following you on Twitter!

    Love your outfit today, lots of colours - bold!

    Bluenotes is my Go-to store for cool tees!


    Twenty York Street
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    1. Thank you! :) I agree that they have cool tees :) <3

  3. Solemate! Been dying to buy one but I have to control myself. I also noticed they tend to sell fast. One moment you're eyeing a pair of sandals, the next thing you know, it's already out of stock.

  4. love the combination of the top and cardigan :)

  5. Looks so're a fashion model in the making...great venue for photo-shoot as well.

  6. cute combination of colours ;) love the shoes as well!


  7. ooh I love the color combination in this outfit! you look adorable and this is so much fun :)

  8. lovely colours dear

  9. Super cute outfit, Jewel!

    One thing I do to brighten my day is play uplighting, upbeat music. If I'm at work, I'll text someone like my best friend Howard.

  10. Gorgeous sandals Sweetie ! Kiss x

  11. soooo cute! i LOVE this look soo much :)

  12. waiting for your new post

  13. oh i like the color splash! :)looks yummy.. i think high-cut jeans would look great on you..will make you look taller :) just sayin..XoXO

  14. love all the colors you've used in this outfit! those sandals are darling!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  15. Love the combination of yellow and pink! I use that combination too :) You look great!
    Happy 114th independence day sa atin!

    Check my new post at

  16. Cute combination...the vibrant colors do remind me of candy!

  17. Love the candy-colored theme! :) Your outfit looks so comfy! Lovely. :)



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