What's Wrong with Me

Hello, everyone! A quick post for today. I promised myself to update my blog two to three times a week. But, what's wrong with me?? HAH...

Hello, everyone! A quick post for today. I promised myself to update my blog two to three times a week. But, what's wrong with me?? HAHA! I guess, swearing is not a good thing to do. Anyway, if you noticed, I changed my photo on my sidebar as my profile photo thing. (Feeling FB lang?)

Chiffon Dress from Precious & Jewel Shop

This chiffon printed dress has been on my closet for a year and I just worn weeks ago. It has cute prints and details. Maybe I'm not a fan of dresses. What is wrong with me?! O_O Okay, forgive me about that. I have to stop this or else I'll go loco. Seriously, I can't wait to give this dress another spin! :) Spell mix and match :)

Leaving you this song, What's Wrong with Me by Pseudo Kids I love listening to new songs. :) I can't find the song on YouTube. :( Hope you enjoy this one! :)

What's Wrong With Me by Pseudo Kids on Grooveshark

Have a great day everyone! :) ♥


  1. Cute dress! I just moved in Cebu. Where's the best place to shop here?

    1. Hello! :) You can visit downtown there are lots of stores updated on trend at very reasonable / affordable price! :) Sakay na! awts. HAHAHA! :) You can also check the international stores at SM or Ayala :) Enjoy! :)

  2. Very pretty dress! I love the print!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

    1. Thanks Allison :) I'll definitely drop by on your page. :)

  3. No no nothing wrong Sweetie!

    It's really hard to blog so regularly sometimes, isn't it?

    Love what you're wearing, so pretty!


    Twenty York Street
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  4. What's wrong with you? Well, there's nothing wrong with you. Just a mood shifts just like anybody else and I guess it's but natural! By the way, it took you a year to wear that dress? It looks perfectly fine for you! The right fit and the right color!

  5. That dress is gorgeous on you - love it!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. beauty :)

  7. lovely dress , you look pretty, following now, hope u'll follow me back

  8. Love this pretty pictures ! I think this dress is so colorful and gorgeous ! Kiss x

  9. Very lovely dress!!!
    Have a great dear dear and thanks for passing by!

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