Beach Placid Resort

This is what I wore on our Virgin Island trip and when you say beach it spells nautical. :) I will have a separate outfit post for that. I ...

This is what I wore on our Virgin Island trip and when you say beach it spells nautical. :) I will have a separate outfit post for that. I don't want to steal the moment of sharing how beautiful the place is Beach Placid Resort.

We were surprised that it was only three minutes away from the port. The place is lovely and relaxing. Good thing we went there on Friday so we were using the facilities with the whole crew! :D

Sugar sand, I swear you will love to walk here barefoot.

Port over there! :D

Beach Placid little boat. :)

What is beach without food? This was served for our lunch. Sad to say, I can only eat little bit of chicken and calamares. They also served Pork Sinigang, I ♥ it!  Oopsss.. ignore the oil. It's normal! :P

I love this photo :) All in one frame :)

Virgin Island over there! :) 15 - 25 minutes travel from the resort. :)

I have evening shots of the place. :) Awww... so amazing. :)

They have tents and you can also have bonfire.

Last shot before dinner. Don't you love it? :) It's awesome here. More photos soon on our after dinner party.
Hope you like the photos as much as I do. :)

How's your week so far? :) 

Have a great day! ♥


  1. wow. this is absolutely a paradise ^_^

  2. what a lovely beach.... ooohhhh naiiyak na ako (ang ganda) HAHAHA! OA? :)

  3. about on the 1st photo that's the best way of photo blogging !

    " Walay Uyab Na Nagtapad Or Nag-Akbay "

    Ayuzzzzzz ~! Cooool N' Owsemmmmm 0('-')0

    Maayung Hapun Sa Imo Gah'...

  4. Hey sweetie! Nice to know you've had fun! I love the photos of the beach, and the sky really looks beautiful!

  5. The oil at the sinigang only makes it more mouth-watering. :) But these are really really beautiful shots. The management got it right by naming their beach "Beach Placid Resort". The waters look so peaceful. The only downside is it kinda reminds me of the movie "Lake Placid". :(

    1. lagih miss Ile ! nakatan'aw ku anang lake placid sa cable, cute kaayu katung bidang dolphin.

  6. nakuh teh, meron kana palang stalker, admirer, fan, hater...hahaaha...

  7. Wow! How gorgeous! I hope I can visit the Virgin Islands someday. I'm glad you had a great time!



  8. Oh the lovely Bantayan... ^_______^
    I was there (Beach Placid) last weekend and I fell in love again (referring to the beach of course)


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