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Hello! Last Friday was our company outing to Bantayan Island ! Yes, the Boracay of Cebu. It was my first time to be there. I love the beach ...
Hello! Last Friday was our company outing to Bantayan Island! Yes, the Boracay of Cebu. It was my first time to be there. I love the beach that reminds me of my trip to Southern Leyte last May. We stayed overnight at Beach Placid Resort. I have so many photos to share to you guys. I need to do separate posts for those because even if we only stayed there overnight, there are different stories to tell. :) One thing for sure, the battery of my camera survived the whole trip! :)

Photos on our way to Hagnaya in Southern part of Cebu. It was roughly four hours of travel going to the Island. (three hours to Hagnaya port and one hour to Bantayan.)

My traveler peg as always. :) 

Cymmie and I had same outfit. Gray shirt, white jacket, pants and sneakers! Hooray! :D

Cym, taking photos. 

Watching movie. So serious. :D

Hagnaya Port. :D But this is not our ride. ;)

With the crew. :)

Wore sneakers.

Because Ronnie likes this photo. haha! :D

Josh, Jess, Me, Paul, Almyr and Mark

These guys called me and asked a photo with me to post this here on my blog. :D Hello!!! :)

Jerrick and Cym :D 

Sister hood! :)) <3

Yay! for this photo. Was too brave to take a shot at the end of the barge. This reminds me of the photos I took when I came back from the hometown going to the city. Oops! I have to share it with you guys too. :) 

More photos soon. x

How was your weekend? 

Have a great week everyone! <3


  1. wow gusto ko din pumunta dyan e..bez ko galing dyan at the best daw talaga ang experience.. i'll be posting about our company outing too!=)

  2. nice pictures especially the last one. its like in the movie titanic when jack said "when you jump i jump" lol cool shades btw. :)

  3. nice shades, hehehe... agree, like ko din ung last photo, blue na blue.
    paarbor nung pink with grey shoes? hehehehe JOKE ^_*

  4. Looks like you enjoy while even on the travel! Great waters and cool shots!

  5. great photos here. :) i love the geng.

  6. The First Photo Is Cool ! The Shade Background Reflection Captured A Walking Person
    And Also The 8th Photo , There's Two Lovers And A Pole On The Reflection

    Kung Wala Unta Nagtapad Unggoy Mas Nindot Ang 8th Photo !

  7. your trip looks amazing! and my weekend went great ;)


  8. baka fan mo teh? or bitter na ex teh? ahhahahaha...

  9. You're gwapa!
    Funny ang anonymous commenter. Haha


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