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I went to Manila few weeks ago. I've stayed there for six days, it was perfect because of two consecutive holidays last week. I was over...
I went to Manila few weeks ago. I've stayed there for six days, it was perfect because of two consecutive holidays last week. I was overwhelmed with places, traffic and travel hours. I have to travel from here to there and I have to ride all means of transportation they have, such as LRT, bus, jeepney and tricycle. Maybe you are wondering why I choose to spend my vacation leave in Manila. Uhm... well, I grew up there and I've always wanted to visit my (childhood) friends. That was very exciting. :D

I had a quick meet up with Jhoana and her pretty daughter :) 

 Awww...Celestine is so adorable, she loves hello kitty too! :)

On my fourth day in Manila, I've met with my friends, a perfect timing for all them because of "no work tomorrow"we had our chit chats at Starbucks SM North Edsa Sky Garden.

Thanks to my boyfriend who took photos of us. <3

 From left to right: Me, Eden, Regie, Sandy, Eliza, Shelly, Grazel and KP! <3

Eliza's baby Sam ♥ looks like a camera shy, maybe she's wondering "who is this girl, taking photo with me?" O_o HAHAHA

 Group shot before I leave. :) I had so much fun spending the afternoon with my grade school friends. They are the people I can say that "friends forever" does exist.

Lastly, how can I forget? This shot is a must! These girls are my BFFs. Remember my blog post about Spice Girls Reunion? I can't wait to see them for real. In grade school, we called our group "Spice Girls" we have this promised called "friends forever" or "friends for life." I can't wait to book a flight again to have bonding with them. It sounds like a long distance friendship-love affair. 

Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart.

How do you bond with your friends?

 Have a great day everyone! ♥


  1. WOW! Looks like you have great fun!

  2. awww you look adorable :D and looks like you and your friends had a lot of fun!

  3. That looks like so much fun! What a nice thing for you to do, always nice to see old friends :)

  4. Such a fun meet up! Kami naman ng mga high school friends ko lagi may christmas party! Dun kami talaga nag ba bond kasama ng mga tsikiting nila.

  5. looks like you had a great time visiting :D


  6. I also want to have a get-together with my friends. Haven't seen them for so long. :(
    BTW, I can't help but notice...you guys look great! I honestly can't believe some of those in the pic are moms already. I honestly thought you're teens! Cool!

  7. Cool photos! Nice that you're able to have BFF reunion! ^◡^


  8. Aww these are such sweet photographs! everyone looks so pretty!!

    -Steph Yt.
    A Fashion & Lifestyle Photography Blog: Ginger and Lace

  9. Lovely post , maybe follow each other, pls?

  10. Seems like you really had a great vacation! manila is bit crowded now! I feel blessed that i found a place near to my work..just a walk to rcbc makati:) it turns to be my exercise:)

  11. Why the Hell did I miss this??!!!


    To tell you the truth, I was frustrated when I missed the chance to meet with you again guys..even though I was not that "close" to you way back our days..I just want to experience a great bonding with my elementary friends, especially with you Jewel..you know how much I love you and that days when we used to go home together, those were treasured...:) hahahahaha..(maybe by this makokonsensya ka na bumisita ulit sa Manila!!!)...well..enough of the drama..maybe someday sometime we will be able to have a chit-chat again, with all of us GPES babies!!

    God Bless you always!!


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