Photo Diary - July

Awwww ... poor page of mine, so outdated. :( First of all, I would like to inform you that my domain: jeweldelgado .com is no longer availa...
Awwww... poor page of mine, so outdated. :( First of all, I would like to inform you that my domain: jeweldelgado.com is no longer available. It's just happened that when I was trying to visit my blog it was always page error. I tried to contact the support of who's reliable to this, but then there were no response. I am planning to have a new domain with the help of my friend. I am pretty sure that this time my domain is secure and their services are reliable. I will let you know once its live! (Eggzoited)

This month, I failed to update my blog (three times a week) forgive me... Hope these photos can really tell that my July is packed with fun and work!

Where I have been this month:

Our first and last dinner as a team :D Excuse my loose shirt that makes me fat. :|

 Bonding with Cym, Cor, and Grace :)

Ronnie! We miss you! :) awwww..

Jonah and my sister Precious at On High Fashion Show

One of my favorites male fashion blogger - Rabsin!

I also met Eden of Chic in the Tropic, one of my favorite female fashion blogger.

7/11 Slurpee! After 48 years, you are now invading Cebu. I miss you! <3

iTea Milktea and Yogurt gift certificate, one of our giveaways.

With DJ Jack Stone of Killerbee Cebu 92.3 

Every Monday and Wednesday, Cym and I are at his radio show for giving away CebuTechJobs.com goodie bag and GCs to the listeners and invite all the jobseekers out there to visit our job site where you can find the best jobs in Cebu online.

Marketing Team, received certificate from Google. We completed their online course: Google Power Searching. YAY! :) We are now officially stalkers. >:) (Just kidding! :D ) 

Hello Kitty lighter, the cutest :)

GPS is <3 We had a dinner for our team's first monthsary. 

Chillin' and Coffee

Chocolate cake.

Jerrick and I had same color of top and side bangs! :)

Lastly, I bought a new cosmopolitan book, That Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra. I love their books, I even blogged about it.

That's all for now, hopefully August is full of good vibes!

Happy Weekend everyone! ♥


  1. ang ganda... :)

  2. Your photos are so much fun. It looks like you had a great time and you look absolutely lovely!




  3. You sure have been busy! Looking great, tho! Hope all is well!

  4. that cym is really beautiful!

  5. Looks like a super fun July!


  6. wow! super busy ang peg... hehehe... Good Job Jewel!

  7. Beautiful and busy month.. :)


  8. Aww,looks like your July was packed with loads of fun!
    I`m jealous (in a good kind of way,teehee :$ )
    And you are so cute! I love your dressing sense. Absolutely <3

    P.S: loved the Hello Kitty lighter <3

    Post again! Soon.


  9. you smoke?

    cool lighter !

    i am hello kitty collector, 0('-')0 akuha nalang gah' imo lighter beh !


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