Sinulog Weekend 2013

Sinulog Festival  here in Cebu is the most awaited event this year, great way to start 2013 with a bang! This year, I didn't join the s...
Sinulog Festival here in Cebu is the most awaited event this year, great way to start 2013 with a bang! This year, I didn't join the street parties in Uptown Cebu area, but I went out Friday and Saturday night to watch fireworks competition and post-Sinulog parties! :D

Amazing fireworks!

Chin-Chin and my brother Gelo, his first time to experience Sinulog Festival! :)

After we watched the fireworks competition, we went to Mango Square to check out the traffic, I mean the parties. We hang out with Boyfriend's cousin Chris and his wife Ashlyn, also her first Sinulog experienced.

Xander <3 nbsp="">

Hello Kitty nail art and henna tattoo is love.

Our look that night. Stripes for this year is for the win! :)

If you are following me on instagram, yes, I have an account (finally!) I posted my new baby: wedge sneakers, Isabel. :)

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How are you? :)  

Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. amazing shots ( fireworks ) and nice legs too 0('-')0

  2. you look so cute with your outfit :)

  3. Looks Like so much FUN!! You have a Great Blog and I Love It!! :)

  4. Aww so sad I missed Sinulog this year!!! :(


  5. What a spectacular firework show!
    Love the shoes at the last picture!


  6. been reading posts of how fun sinulog festival is. i'm sure you had a great time!

  7. the shots of the fireworks are so well taken, and it's soooo prettyyy :))
    following you noowww ^______^ !!

  8. Nice to know you had a great new year! I love your shoes! Isabel Marant?

  9. Isabel Marant wedge sneaker? OMG! That is so lovely :)


  10. Stunning fireworks shots! Looking forward to this year's Sinulog!
    Keep the fantastic photos coming!

  11. Stunning fireworks shots you have here! :)
    Excited na ako sa Sinulog 2014! :D
    Happy New Year, Jool!


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