Cebu City Tour

Note: this is a draft post and since I owe you an update of my blog, I will flood you photos of my happenings last week!  Few weeks ag...
Note: this is a draft post and since I owe you an update of my blog, I will flood you photos of my happenings last week! 

Few weeks ago, our Sister from another Mother, paid a visit here in Cebu City to spend her Holy Week with us. There are so may tourist spots to go here in Cebu but the easiest way to tour her is to have a city tour! I contacted my friend Jo Bond (yes, as in James Bond) to ask for a help with this. It was just one text message and we are all set for a tour.

Since that was Holy Thursday, nobody wants to stay at home alone. My brothers decided to go with us. It was scotching hot for a tour but we didn't care.

First off, we went to Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Mactan. To be honest, it was my first time to visit there. (Nahiya naman ako.)

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Rachel, buying pasalubong for her friends.

Going back to the city.

Next stop was in Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod cool architecture! :)

Le cross.

Le font.

Le posed. HAHAHAHA :D

Third stop: Fort San Pedro

Since it was Holy Thursday, they are closed. But photo opts didn't stop them.

Photoshoot at the Plaza Independencia. (naks! lakas maka model...)

Rachel, emo. :D

My brother, Gelo.

Magellan Cross and Sto. NiƱo Church

Another revelation, that was my first time to see the Magellan's cross :D

Our last stop: Taoist Temple

You already met my friend Jo Bond, if you read my previous post you know her. She organized our city tour and for an affordable price! :) 

If you are interested to have a Cebu City Tour or Bohol Tour for an affordable packages, 
visit YJB Flight Travel Services or contact me by leaving a comment on this post. :) 

So how was your week, so far? :)

 Have a great day everyone!


  1. chaka ng smile ko dito whewww!

  2. Ka ka miss tuloy ang cebu..dahil dyn I need to visit cebu asap! hahahaha!

    I miss the lechon and the food is so mura lang:) that what I love about cebu:) but of course first love our thier prestine beaches:)

    the bitch missing the beach...lol

  3. Malapit lang ba ung Taoist Temple from the last stop you mentioned?


    1. Hi Debbie! Medyo malapit, lalo na pag hindi traffic :)

  4. It was my first time to visit Cebu Philippines last month and it was really fun. It was such a huge, busy and modern city compared of course to where I came from (Cotabato City). It was a 3 days vacation and it wasn’t enough because we had a Cebu - Bohol trip. Both destinations were tourists spots-filled and I’m looking forward to return and visit more awesome places that I’ve seen on TV, internet or blogs like this post. Nice photos by the way :D model na model!


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