GNO: Big Screen Entertainment

This is a story about girls who love cats and when talking about cute stuff, all you can hear is "meow... meow...meow..."Kiddin...
This is a story about girls who love cats and when talking about cute stuff, all you can hear is "meow... meow...meow..."Kidding! My girlfriend Cymmie and I spent our Friday night to Big Screen Entertainment Cebu to play kinect. We used to dance every Friday at work before, but this time, we make sure that we have to meet whenever we have a time, but even if we are busy we can't say NO! just like grumpy the cat. (If you know him.)

GNO stands for Girls Night Out. We were waiting for our turn to play kinect, but since we have to wait a little bit longer we decided to go to the other side of the street - Labeled! It was 8:39PM and we are....

We ordered ladies drink :D 

The Big Screen Entertainment on the other side. "Yohooo! We are here!" The beauty of Cebu City, where all establishments are easy access.

Time for selfie shots! :D 

And we're finally start to play!

So many polaroid photos 

A kiddo choosing a movie

We are tying to steal this camera. hahaha! jk

Cymmie, choosing what to play.

We think that someone will like to watch this movie. 

Pili-pili din pag may time. HAHA!

"Ayaw magpa-picture face" HAHA :D 

Popcorn while dancing, try it! :D

Someone is peeking...

Kuya on the moves...

It says "put your arm up" but since I was holding my camera, I put my right leg up! HAHAHA!

After an hour of dancing peg. That was a great night! On our way home, we spotted a new opened bar along Gorordo and thinking to have our GNO next time there. :D 

Big Screen Entertainment is located in 3/F, M2 Business Center Bldg., Escario Cor Clavano St.
We paid PHP350/hour (good for 6 persons) for kinect. 

So where are you and your girlfriend/s hang out? :) 

Have a great day!


  1. Like ;) a must-try place dito sa Ceu :))

  2. looks fun! i'd love to try kinect!

  3. I should visit this place once I visit cebu. I love the idea of Big Screen Entertainment:)

    And that Holga cam...cge pag planuhan natin ng bongga...lol


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