Photo Diary - My Manila Trip

YAY! Another photo diary edition here on my blog from my trip in Manila. Sad to say I didn't have a chance to stick to my plans...

YAY! Another photo diary edition here on my blog from my trip in Manila. Sad to say I didn't have a chance to stick to my plans of going out of town somewhere in Luzon, but one thing for sure, I will definitely go back to accomplished that. Warning: Photos overload. :) 

I arrived at 10:30am in Manila and I went straight to my lunch meeting with the awesome people I am working with. Met them in Tokyo Cafe in SM The Block. (nah! it's just another building of SM North Edsa) :P

Mel and PJ 

Jeff, Jewel, Josh (3Js!) 

Finally had a cup of Happy Lemon! I was soooo happy :) 

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After my lunch meeting, I checked in to the dormitel (which I will blog my reviews soon!) and went out again to meet my friends!

Awww! I super miss (I just typed "Super") my friend, Jonah! JSYK, he worked for a year in Cebu. I was so happy to hang out with him if we are not busy. I even blogged about how we bumped into each other, here and how we party here

KP, I miss your consistent laughs and random chika of random people. HAHAHA :P 

Group photo is a must. :) I really miss the other girls from my last year visit in Manila.

Jonah, KP, Eliza, Grazel, Me, Yuan
Videoke night with the boys at Boo's Cafeville Grill and Restobar (Chill, I didn't sing, I don't have a talent in singing) 

Yuan, CJ and Victor - my seatmate since we were grade 2 in school. :) 

KP with Karl and Mike (Moment nya yan!) 

We ended our crazy videoke night at 4am and I have to meet my Mom at lunch time and I throw all my clothes I brought on my bed. 

Lunch with Rachel and her Boyfriend and my Mommy! :) 

Rachel is my childhood friend and she is close to the family, she visited us in Cebu during Holy Week and had fun with her Cebu City Tour.

Mommy <3 p="">

I visited my best friend Jhoana and her cute, pretty, little version of her Celestine. <3 a="" be="" href="http://jewelclicks.blogspot.com/2012/08/friends-forever.html" promised="" target="_blank" to="" we="">friends forever

Last day in Manila was awesome! Funny and unforgettable moments happened! I checked out at 12nn and went to Mall of Asia.

As much as I would love to check out the clothing stores that we don't have in Cebu, I decided to eat my late lunch while waiting for Jonah in Burger King. This guy was very accommodating and kept on talking to me so I don't feel like sleepy. It was Monday and there were few people eating. Forgot his name, but thanks! He didn't know I was taking a photo of him, look he is photogenic. Ayeee! kuya, ikaw na!

Bonding with Jonah before I leave. Awww.. so gwapo! :)

#Selfie shot is Selfie.

We spent the whole afternoon in Solaire Resort and Casino. 

I can't help but posed here. :) 

Me and Yuan he was caring, helpful and accompanied me while I'm in the metro. I will definitely do the same if he will visit Cebu, not only him but of course to all my friends who wants to visit here.

Dinner before I leave the Metro. So sweet of my friends, they accompanied me few hours before my flight.

As promised to myself, to eat blizzard before I leave. Accomplished! But failed to buy J.Co Donuts since the line was looooong and I can't wait. HAHAHA :D 

Delayed flight andthankful we were safe. :) 

Until next time, Manila! :) 

Have a great day everyone! :) 


  1. naks! sana naging masaya ang stay mo dito sa manila :) hehehe

  2. Try getting J.Co's contact number next time! Para you can order via phone and just pick it up once it's ready :) my mom and I are doing that in Greenbelt Makati :)

    1. awww! thanks Jeanne! :) I will take note of that :)

  3. yay! looks like you had a great time. you made me crave with the rock salt & cheese photo. meeeh.


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