Photo Dump: July 2013

HELLO! All caps because I miss updating my blog! Unlike my twitter and instagram that are always updated, I also need to feed this ...

HELLO! All caps because I miss updating my blog! Unlike my twitter and instagram that are always updated, I also need to feed this page with photos. Here's what happened in July according to my camera and mobile phone. Click for more photos.

Finally had a chance to hang out with these talented girls at Ebony's son first birthday, Winnie the Pooh team! :)

Rein, Cym, Maricor

Cym, Baby Nathan and Mommy Ebony

Sunday is dogs day out! Garth and Athena moment :)

JC, my sister's husband taking photos of Athena and Garth, looks like pre-nup huh! 

Love taking photos like this because there's no one can take my look or lets say #ootd

 Meet my new lunch buddies at work. We decided to have our dinner somewhere else and definitely we will try to hang out once in a while. Getting to know each other level. 

Oh, after 48 years, I am wearing this shoes again. 

View from where I stand. 

Spent my 30 mins here.



Meeting with my Girlfriend with her new Macbook! 

First time to hang out with Maricor outside of work. We attended a yoga beginners class but we found out that was Ashtanga Yoga! No worries, we love the pain we gained. (rhyme lang?!) 

TYPOGRAPHY. Because this photo is cool. Drinking coffee with a friend is awesome!

Hello there kitty! 

Make your own Havaianas 2013

Dad! Photobomber at his best :) 

Outfit of the Day peg. 

Hang out with my Dad. 

Garth, bed invader! 

Bought rain boots just because....

With Ruby! SEO Specialists needs a break from work too. 

Friday night coffee.

I was in a hurry when someone jumped in front of me and said: "FREE TASTE!" was buffering in seconds then grabbed it. Taste like buko pandan! HAHA  (wala kwento lang) Ikaw? musta Crush mo?

Company dinner. 

Self-portrait of me with my new webcam application. Screams - Album Cover. 

That's all for my July packed of random stuff. Forgive me, I am not being so creative lately, because I am busy with my schedule both personal and career. You can just always follow me on instagram and twitter: @jewelclicks 

Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. Looks like July was a great time for you! Cheers!!!

  2. Random post with photos is really awesome! Nindot kaayo

  3. omg your doggies are osooo cute!! looks like youve been having a lovely time :)


  4. ang kulit ng mga photos mo!! lalo na yung part ng photo bomb with ur dad!!

    Sya nga pala bagong salta sa blogna ito, sana maging magkaibigan tayo!!!

    1. Buti naman at napadpad ka sa simple kong blog. :) Friends na tayo! :D

  5. Fun!


  6. the piks llok so much fun!

    kisses from India

  7. Haha! First time ko to see my profile on your blog! Miss you, Jool! :D


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