DIET: Cafe Noriter Cebu

Insert K-Pop song here. (Suit yourself!) There are many cafes or restaurants popping out here in Cebu. Each and every one has their own uni...
Insert K-Pop song here. (Suit yourself!) There are many cafes or restaurants popping out here in Cebu. Each and every one has their own unique way how to catch customers attention. Don't worry, I'm not going to be sounds like a marketing critique or business analyst because I don't want to. I am just happy because I am here on my blog typing this and uploading photos in a bit.

DIET means "Did I Eat That?" okay. I know, it sounds like what? Nevermind. I don't want to be a food blogger, but cmon! Aside from going to gigs and checking out what's the new trend going on inside the malls here and sharing things I did. Food is always never go out of the trend. :) So there. We went to this new Korean Cafe inspired a few weeks ago, our first attempt was not good, we went there past 8PM and they will be closing at 9PM. So, this not stop me to take photo opts inside Cafe Noriter and even posted it on my instagram.

Our first attempt was after our Yoga session, once again, this cafe is near on the place where we practice yoga. Just this weekend, my friend and I had a short out of town trip and we've decided to attend our Ashtanga Vinsaya Yoga session in the morning and take note: LEVEL 2. Yes, with modifications with our positions. Ugh, we survived it! #Proud

For our late lunch, we went again to this cafe to grabbed something to eat and drink and here it goes.

Winnie the Pooh hanging out. 

We've decided to seat upstairs so we can check out everybody. Literally, stalking! 

Note on the ceiling is so funny. "If you see this you probably hit your head on the ceiling!" LOL :D

Patiently waiting but I was not. 

Level 2 Astanga Vinsaya Yoga was not a joke. Tired face. :D

Remember. Friendship. Romance. Love. Okay. I love their ice Cafe Latte. 

Saw my ordered sandwich not yet ready to serve, that's the only solid food they have and I didn't care at all because I was starving.

Sleeping me while waiting for my sandwich, tired of waiting.


Will end this post with this photo. I can't help but noticed the clouds while my friend is driving because it looks like God is there watching us and anytime he can peek behind those clouds. Sorry, I have this kind of imagination. I'm so thankful for all the blessings and good weather that day. :) 

Cafe Noriter is located at One Acacia Unit 10 & 11, Archibishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City. 

How's your weekend? 

Have a great day everyone! :) 


  1. Wow ang cozy naman ng ambiance jan sa Cafe Noriter. Ang sarap mag relax at mag unwind :)

  2. Its something na every cafes or restaurant na mgbubukas sa cebu may pressure on how to be like at mging fave spot :) concept great !

  3. Wow! :)Ang ganda naman ng cafe na yan! I wanna fly all the way to cebu for that. Hehe. :)

  4. nice!
    hmmmm place: CHECK!
    food: haha, lemme think about it.

  5. place: CHECK!
    food: (lemme-think-about-it-face)


  6. Hi jewel :) I enjoyed your post :) I hope to visit that cafe in my next visit to Cebu :)

    I'll follow you on GFC :)

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    The Girl with the Muji Hat BLOG GIVEAWAY

  7. love the lighting of the place....big factor tlga ang ilaw effect:)

  8. Hi jool, hahaha... ni end up gyud ko dri sa imung blog while looking for reviews on cafe noriter.. naa bha ni silay VIP? mag celebrate unta mi sa akong uyab dnhi sa amo anniversary... gs2 lang gyud nko ug chill2 lang para naa sad mi quality time bha... :) -judy


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