Geeks on a Beach 2013

I was able to attend an event in Boracay last week of September. I've met many people who are also geeks and they know how to do balanc...
I was able to attend an event in Boracay last week of September. I've met many people who are also geeks and they know how to do balance their life being a geek at work and enjoying the best time of their lives at the beach. Attending the event was a good excuse to go to Boracay! :D 

I think I didn't mention what I am doing (in real life) here on my blog or I did? *kroo kroo... okay... So here's what the event all about:

GEEKS ON A BEACH is a brand new conference for everyone who is passionate about startups, technology, design, and making the world a better place.

Featuring presentations from hand-picked experts from all across the world. GOAB is the perfect place to come and share learnings and stories with new friends in a two day get-together by the shores of splendid Boracay island in the Philippines.

As an Online Marketer, the event is really interesting for me. I am doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Social Media Marketing and other online stuff for Online businesses. So, if you are following me on twitter, maybe you'll get bored if you are not familiar or not into my tweets that are relevant to my work. Sigh. Sorry. 

Here are the photos during the event and the people I've met.

I am one of the late comers! :D

Shoutout to Cybil! We were together the entire trip! :) Thank you for everything, specially for taking photos of me. Hope you will improve with... Peace! :)

Lunch buddies! 

Don't mess with these pretty ladies, they are so geek! 

GOAB was genius! Me and Cybil had our dinner separated (different restaurants) but that was great because I really had an awesome conversation with these great people! Memorable! 

Second and last day of the event.

Stalking Josh Villanueva or Rappler.com "PSSTTT.. HEY?!" HAHA :D 

Dinner and ended the conference with a bang! This is my favorite photo. Hello Cebu Web Services and Programmers from Davao! :) 

That was a great event! Can't wait for next year venue and speakers! :)

If you want to know what happened during the event or for future announcement, you can visit their website or follow them on their social media accounts. 



  1. bakit dyan ang gaganda ng mga IT convention? dito sa manila puro sa shangrila hotel lungs hehe...

  2. Oh you had photo with that Japanese guy. Lol! I didn't understand what he was pitching about during the GOAB conference here in Boracay.

    1. Really? But he's trying his best to communicate. :D


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