Photo Set: Boracay Island 2013

When I went to Boracay Island last month . I can't stop taking photos of one of the popular tourist destinations here in the Philippine...
When I went to Boracay Island last month. I can't stop taking photos of one of the popular tourist destinations here in the Philippines. 

Made by a kiddo.

Morning breeze, I miss. 

Stalking sexy hot bodies! :3


Dreamland! :)

ATV Driving going to Ocean Tower!

View from Ocean Tower :)

15 Minutes suicide. Helmet Diving. :) 

Sunset is love. 

Took a photo of photographer .

Took a photograph of a photographer that was taking a photo of sunset. 

View from my seat. Woah. So green! :) 

Jump of happiness! :) 

I am in to jump shots lately. I will definitely share it here on my blog soon. That made one of my friends reacted and asked me a question "why you're so addicted to that posed?" Oh, well, I don't owe her an explanation, but I answered her "because I want to show that I am happy and besides shooting for a levitate photo is not easy, you have to do it many times and it's fun!" Call me crazy, but yeah, I am for the love of photography. 

That's all! So how do you take photos on your trip? :) 

Have a great day everyone!
Happy Halloween! :) 


  1. beautiful pictures. love the one of the green fields, too!

  2. Ang ganda talaga sa Bora!

    I've never been there or any other parts of the Visayas. You're lucky, nabisita mo na ang paradise island nayan :D

  3. cool photos. gaaah, i miss boracay!


  4. Amazing pics!!!
    Hi what a cute nice blog honey you have.....My name is Paola I am a Blogger based in italy and I was wandering if we could follow each other GFC and bloglovin.
    Let me know I will follow you back!!!

  5. Jool, I'm beginning to love Bora.haha..

    But one thing is missing: you in bikini!!

    1. HAHAHAHHA! Secret nalang I will do the bikini shots soon if I all girls ang peg :D


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