2013 Taught Me

#2013TaughtMe hashtag was trending last week before Christmas Day. This made me realized what has been this year taught me. I consider...

#2013TaughtMe hashtag was trending last week before Christmas Day. This made me realized what has been this year taught me. I considered this year as not my year. I know life has ups and downs, zigzag and straight drama. That's what I experienced this year. While writing this, few hours from now I will be travelling going to Manila to meet my friends and my Mom.

1. To Let Go

I value things, moments and people who are part of my life. Early this year, I have to let go of a special someone that has been part of my life for a long time. I've tried it for few times and we always go back to each other. This time, it's different. I have to learn to let go that I knew for the fact that it is not working anymore and not worth to fight for. It's a sad thing, but we all know that we all have to move forward and time will heal the pain that we experience.

2. To Moved On

I always keep myself busy at work and work after work and to other things such as hanging out with friends, travel and do yoga. This is not the same attitude I did when we first broke up. No party instead I put my attention on some things. :)

3. Life Goes On

When life get fucked up. I learned to stay positive and goes on with my life. That's life anyway. :P There was this one time on my way to work, I stripped off the street while walking, the shoes I was wearing got broken, so I have to go back at home, my cash in my wallet was PHP100! When I get back to work again, I stopped by an ATM machine to withdraw money for my taxi fare, but my ATM card plastic was already torn and can't be inserted! I was like WTH that time. Good thing I still have my other card from other bank. I just smiled and continue my day at work. That was a great experience of bad luck early in the morning and ended the day with a bottle of beer and pizza.

4. Be Brave and Strong

When someone from my work before kicked me out (harsh term) I was surprised, I didn't cry or had a violent reaction. Instead, I took legal actions as a professional, I deserved to be treated good and they should be treated as (insert appropriate term here) I was touched when a friend cried about what happened to me and me? I walked out with my head up high and smile, because once again, I knew there's something good out there waiting for me.

5. To Take Chances

For the first time when my friend asked, me if I want to go to Bohol for a tour, I said YES! without thinking twice. Then I had a best summer ever! Since then, I love to go to places that I never been to. I love being spontaneous! Yung Go lang ng Go! Mahirap na mag regret diba? :P

6. Try to open my heart

Errr.. I almost fell in love with a guy, but it didn't work out. We just had our mutual understanding stage. Thanks for making me feel special and kilig for a short time. I missed you, but goodbye!

7. Take Risks - For #5!

8. Acceptance

Learn how to see the positive side on every bad situation I'm in.

9. Be Independent

"Me time" being single you should enjoy the moments all by yourself. (I don't have an idea what I'm trying to say is at least)

10. Count your Blessings

11. Share and Give Love

This year is about giving and sharing blessings to others especially for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. I am so happy that I'm able to give what I can to those who are in need of. 

12. Love Yourself - Do I have to elaborate this? :D

Wohooo! Thank you Lord for this year and I would like to say THANK YOU and CHEERS! to the awesome people being part of my life this year. I'm looking forward for more memories with you guys! :) XOXO

Loving this quote posted by a friend: 

So what's your plans next year? :) 



  1. Wishing you much happiness in 2014! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awww... Happy New Year Jewel :))

    Same as yours, marami rin akong natutunan noong 2013.

    Filter out those people that cause negativity in your life. Hindi natin sila kailangan.

    Minsan, napo-provoke lang din tayong gawin ang isang bagay na di natin gusto.

    Stay happy and positive!


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