Photo Diary: Cebu Island Hopping 2013

Photo by Blue Pax YAY! Once again, I spent another weekend at the beach , I mean at the sea. What a great advantage living in Cebu. ...

Photo by Blue Pax

YAY! Once again, I spent another weekend at the beach, I mean at the sea. What a great advantage living in Cebu. You have a balance living, if you want to relax and get away from the city life, you can go to the beach with less than an hour travel. If you want to unwind and have fun, you can always go bar hopping and dance with your friends. It depends on how you distress yourself from your busy schedule. Remember: work hard, play harder! This makes me feel excited to see my friends again in Manila! 

Photo by Issa

 It has been ages since my last island hopping in Cebu. This is my first water shot taken by a GoPro. I think I want to have one, but I have to learn how to swim first. (Yes, I don't know how to swim. TEEHEE) These are the things that I did during our trip:

Photo by Blue Pax

No-how-to-swim-so: Sitting and just swaying my legs in water. (LAME)

Photo by Blue Pax

Taking photos of the scenery, I mean ocean? :D 

Rash guard: Ocean Pacific | Board Shorts: Roxy

Great opportunity for a self-portrait. Another mermaid pose and this time by the sea. :P First attempt on photo here

Even though I don't know how to swim, I wanted to try something new to wear and it was great to find an online shop: Compra Philippines that selling affordable and stylish rash guard! Ocean Pacific is so smooth, I didn't even bother to put sun block since they have UV Protection, how cool is that? :P Basically, wearing rash guard will save your beaching life

Buy you a drink. Oh-Oh-Ugh!

Coffee while hopping. Just kidding, we missed to bring cups, so we used this one. 


Seashell? HAHA :D

Bake scallops! (finally, I named one)

Mr. Crab and orange friends :D 

I love taking photos like these, reminds me of my blogpost: Ocean and Clouds 

I noticed that this year, I've been into beaches since summer until before the year ends. I guess, going to the beach is my sweet escape from some things that annoyed me and bothering me. Hope I can visit more beaches in the Philippines, more travel to come! I am looking forward to 2014! :D

How's your December 2013 so far? :)  Happy Holidays!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Such a great place! Love all the photos here :)

  2. Wow, great photos and pretty model.

    Ang saya naman ng island hopping mo Jewel :))

    at ang cute nung mga shells and looks yummy ung mga seafoods!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. I just met your blog and is so pretty. I invite you to visit my blog and if you want follow me on blogger! Kisses :)


  4. you made me miss my beach bumming daysss. na-miss ko ang puerto princesa with all the seafood photos you posted. eeep!!

    anyway, happy holidays jewel. have a blast this season! :)


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