DIET: Mooshi Green Smoothie + Juice Bar

HELLO THERE! Sareeeh for the uppercase letters. I am so full of energy while writing this. I am so happy to find online sellers that offer ...
HELLO THERE! Sareeeh for the uppercase letters. I am so full of energy while writing this. I am so happy to find online sellers that offer Healthy Juices for Cleansing and to stay sexy and fit. As much as I would love to try it, some of them doesn't have any physical store to visit and try one of their mixed juices.

I was happy when I found a kiosk selling green smoothie when I went to SM City Cebu to get my requested NSO. I was drained from work (take note: second day of work 2014) and I was sleepy because I was so busy touring around my Mom while she was here in Cebu, so I was aiming for something to drink that can give me an energy until I get home. (Nobody wants to sleep inside the jeepney or taxi, right?) :D

I was overwhelmed with their menu and I had a hard time choosing what I want to drink, I want to try all of them! Not until I saw this on their menu:

HANG OVER cleansing kit! I wanna cry! If you are following me on instagram, I posted a photo shows my wasted shots from our year-end party with my friends in Manila (I will blog about it later.)

with friends at Republiq Club, Resorts World Manila
I admit that I had too much drink that night and it was hard checking out the hotel and catch up my flight with hang over the next day. I heard that Anne Curtis did cleansing to washed away all the alcohol from her slapping incident in a club somewhere at The Fort, I also want to do the same thing. Sad to say, I haven't seen any or where am I these past few months? Mooshi Green Bar is here in the city for already two months! :O

This solves my problem, so next time I will drink again, I know where to order and ask to deliver these bottles for me! Yes! They deliver for minimum of three bottles. :3

Here are the other set that I would love to try soon:

Since it was my first time to visit their store and I was sleepy, I ordered Power "Energy Booster"

I have to insert a heart icon because I haven't changed my nail polished from the holiday vacation. Guess I am so attached with it until now. :D
While waiting for my smoothie photos:

Malunggay shot! :D

Taking photo while walking and enjoying my drink. Blurry. Sariling sikap selfie. #SSS

I love the taste. It has a taste of a little bit of bitterness, but you can definitely handle it. If you can drink hard liquors drink, then you can drink all of this.  Yummy! :D

Visit their website: www.mooshiegreenbar.com (their website is not yet fully accessible and needs more optimization) 
or visit Mooshi Green Bar Facebook Page.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. This is sort of a miracle.
    Never has drinking led to sexiness.
    I just hope it tastes like mojitos.haha..

  2. I would like to try it!!!!!!
    Kisses doll!!!

  3. Looks so yummy and healthy. ;-)

  4. juice cleansing is so in right now to the point that my sister actually bought a juicer. i guess it's high time to give in to this trend. haha

  5. I badly need this! to detoxify after all the christmas lafang:)

  6. It's too bad I don't have a place like that in my area... Everything looks so yummy.

    I've just followed, I would be more than glad glad to see you in my list as well!

    Style Nirvana

  7. i have yet to have a "green" drink! i love the idea of this green juice bar...i must find one here!!


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