Sinulog Week 2014

WARNING: PHOTOS OVERLOAD!  Prrrttt! Prrrtt! Yes, I have a blog post about what happened to me during Sinulog Festival this year. As m...


Prrrttt! Prrrtt! Yes, I have a blog post about what happened to me during Sinulog Festival this year. As much as I've wanted to go loco and do some random crazy acts at the street parties - NO. BecauseI have important thing to do the next day and I don't want to get late.

After Christmas holidays and New Year's holiday, here in Cebu, we celebrate Sinulog Festival every 3rd Sunday of January! 

As early as first week of the month, there were so many events that scream: Celebration! So as the weekend comes closer and closer, more and more parties that floods my newsfeed and invites of street parties. Come on! All are awesome! :3 

When my cousin and his friends from Manila visited Cebu, we had our Pre-Sinulog Party at MO2 Restobar. They missed the Sinulog Festival, but it's alright, there's still next year! :) 

Sister, Tessie and Me 

Photo with the cousin :)

I'm one of the boys! :) Czar, Josh, Wiredots, Almyr, Dylan, Mark and Keenan

January 17
I went to a Grand Opening of Rescue Bar and Lounge located along Arch. Reyes Avenue with the gang! We went loco and had a blast until three in the morning! I was so happy I wasn't that drunk. Remember: If you feel tipsy, drink a lot of water or drink Berocca!

I love my personalized bracelet :) 
Berns, Issa, Me
With the Gang! :) Berns and her bf, Issa, me, Ralph, Veronica, Hendrix
Issa's first Sinulog! :) Visit her blog

Oh my... Jack :) Second bottle was ftw! :D

Drink essentials :) 
January 18
Pyroworks International Inc held their Pyrofest on its 6th year! Fireworks competition at SM City Cebu! My photos last year was better than this year.

With Pinky :)

Stuck in Sinulog Traffic and yeah.. vandals on his car.

January 19
I went out the street dancing of contingents in Fuente OsmeƱa with my friend! We were so lucky that we spotted some local artists and awesome dancers on the street!

OOTD: Sweater -Forever21 Shorts: CCOI Shoes: Sanuk Hat: from Bohol
Cutie spotted! :3

From Banilad Elementary School :)

Love the colours! 

A HOTTIE! :3 on Bohol Float :) Hello! tweet me or leave a comment. HAHAHA :D
Great IPI Float! :)
Whoa! So many awards! 

I love IPI Float this year! :) Actually, every year, bongga talaga! 

Fierce sexy Cobra!

In Character

Spotted Melissa Ricks on IPI Float :)

Went to Neon Carnival of Globe 

Pixable photobooth!

Ended the night, light! :) I did not party hard because I still have things to do the next day. So funny, when I was on my way to work in the morning while others were going home after party. No big deal, I already enjoyed the party on a Friday night. I've learned that be responsible and learn to control yourself and manage time when you caught between work and personal stuff.


Have a great day everyone! 
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  1. Wow! Lots of celebration that you enjoyed.
    amazing pictures too:)
    Have a nice day to you!

  2. Pasaboh ang bagong itsura ng blog pak!!!! Viva pit senor!

    1. Thanks! :D Ganun talaga dapat bihisan din ung blog paminsan minsan. :D

  3. hi, welcome to blogspot im checking ur blogs mukang bago po ikaw sa blogsphere... enjoy po...

    1. Hi Ric! :) Hindi na ako bago sa blogsphere, ngaun lang siguro ako nagparamdam ulit. :)

  4. Wow... a lot of fun!!!!!!
    Amazing pics and wonderful colors!!!!!!
    Have a lovely day doll!

  5. One word to describe Sinulog - Astig!

    Very rich talaga ang Visayas sa mga ganyang festivals. Ganda ng mga photos and glad you guys had fun on the festivities.

    1. Hi Fiel! Yes, astig talaga, you will have fun here sa daming events. :)

  6. Cool photos! I like the light streaks. It seems like a fun celebration!

    1. Thanks Audrey! Me too! photos will never look so boring with lights! :)

  7. loads and loads of funnn. awww. i'm not a fan of festivals but if there's one i'd go visit that would definitely be sinulog. lovely photos, as always. :)

    1. Hi Apple, hope you can visit Cebu's next year Sinulog! :)


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