Five Seconds of Summer

Hello! Another backlog to blog about. When I mentioned on my previous posts here and here that I went home with my sister Precious...

Hello! Another backlog to blog about. When I mentioned on my previous posts here and here that I went home with my sister Precious last month for a short visit to Dad over the Valentine's weekend feels like I've spent only five seconds there. Travelling from Cebu city going to Southern Leyte is roughly ten hours from ferry to bus trip, really long! Most especially for the first timers and even if I used to visit our place once in a while, still feels like always a first time. 

When we arrived, we took a rest, woke up because of the summer heat and look for something cold to eat: HALO-HALO! :D  

We brought some goodies for Dad. For the record, my hometown, Hinunangan is also experienced Typhoon Yolanda, November last year. Though there were no damages (thank God!), our place is affected with the goods delivery coming from Manila which will pass by Tacloban. All the supplies there are now have minimum stocks and the price is high than the usual. They are getting supplies from Mindanao and Cebu as of the moment which already a bit pricey.

Still, I'm so happy to visit and hang out with my friends there :) Photos loading in 3...2...1...

Bus ride going home. 

Cool stores outside our ancestral house, though we lost our garage space to extend the space of the establishment. There's a small boutique they have good fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories and bags! So when I forgot to bring something to wear such as swimsuits or if there's a party to attend and have nothing to wear, I can buy it here na! :) 

my sister
We went to cemetery that afternoon to visit our grandparents. :) I really like this old tree! :D 

Then after we went to the beach! wohoo! so windy and the waves were big. Did some crazy photo opts. HAHA! 

Bangon Pilipinas shirt from Islands Souvenirs.  Shirt for a cause for Yolanda victims.

Told you, so windy...

YAY! My Godson Grimmie, visited me at home! I thought I will never see him during my stay. He's so big now and I can't decide yet what gift I will give to him for his second's birthday in May.

It's been almost ten years since these two met each other, fell in love, in a long distance relationship (because of work) and still in love with each other. This couple is Grimmie's parents :) Sorry, I don't want a cheesy post here on my blog. HAHAHA!

Salve and Joemark

Videoke night!
Eiros, Janice, Salve
Meet Salve, who's into blogging since Friendster's days, visit her tumblr Witch Hail. I'm so happy to spend the night with her. Wehad a long conversation that night because we really have to catch up on each other about the latest news with our lives such as getting rid of belly fats! HAHAHA

Okay, we ended our hangout with a cheers at 2 AM. I left with no choice, since I don't like beer, they recommended this San Mig Lemon flavor and I like it! (only that night) 

We went back to the city as early as 6AM to catch the ferry trip at 11AM on Sunday. Here's a photo view from Hilongos port, Southern Leyte. I will post the other photos soon. ;) 

Leaving this post with this song: Try Hard by Five Seconds of Summer - Enjoy! :)

Have a great day everyone! :D 
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  1. yaay it's always good to catch up with friends and of course, with your daddeehh! :) sobrang namimiss ko ang beach sa mga posts nyo, bayaan. heehee!

  2. I seriously miss this laid-back life back in the Philippines! And super miss ko na kumain ng halo-halo! :(

    It's nice that you enjoyed your visit to your hometown :)

  3. Amazing pics doll!!!!
    A lot of kisses from Italy!!!

  4. So beautiful pics, love the first one. *__*
    Lovely greets...

  5. fun outing with friends! looks like u had lots of good time ^^
    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
    Follow me and I will follow you back for certain
    (leave a blog link at my blog after follow so I can go back ur blog again)


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