Hello from Bantayan Island Cebu

FRESH COCONUT JUICE! :)  Hello from Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines!  When the beach-weather started last month, me and my friend...
Hello from Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines! 

When the beach-weather started last month, me and my friends bitching about going to the beach as soon as possible I even said I'm ready on my last post. When it was only one week left before the trip, I had busy schedules and haven't pack my things yet. So, the inspirations outfit for beach pinned in my Pinterest did not happen! :D That's alright. When I was packing, I kept on browsing what to clothes in my closet on what to bring to our short get away. Good thing, I found my sheer colorful blouse that definitely will blend the beach mode!

I'm so happy that my Issa of Islands Trotters took photos of me, enjoying the view and the sun! :) She also love the island and describe it as Bantayan is a Verb

Then I was like: "Leave me alone world! I'm on beach time..."

Just ignore the bottle of wine. I think someone had a romantic moment last night on this spot. LOL! 

I only brought my Canon A220 point and shoot camera for easy taking photos during the entire trip. We all have this mood that we don't like to bring our DSLR camera right? Such a hassle sometimes. 

Don't you just love the blue sky! 

If you noticed that the palm trees are not healthy that is because Bantayan Island, Cebu also hit by Typhoon Yolanda, November last year. I am so happy to see that beach resorts there are back to their normal operations. It was also great to see tourists such as locals and foreigners enjoying the beach, which means their tourism is back! When I posted this on my Facebook account, some of my friends are now planning to have their summer get away to the island soon! :) 

Can you see the crystal clear water? :) Come on take a dip! 

Will blog more about this get away soon! 

What are your plans this summer? 

Have a great day! 


  1. Omg Cebu is really one of my dream places to visit! This beach is so beautiful and I'm glad they managed to get back after the natural disaster na nag hit last year :)

  2. I wish I had more time when I went to Cebu. I didn't even get to see the beach! My Cebuano friends says that Island is a must visit for summer. ^_^

  3. WOW........ AMAZING place!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great pics!!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  4. this island wonderful! nice pics
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    would you like to pass from my blog?

  5. Wow! Made me wanna hit the beach soon enough! :D I wanna visit Cebu too!

  6. This looks like such a fun trip. Fresh coconut juice sounds so good!

  7. Wonderful pics, so sunny. *__*
    Lovely greets <3

  8. seems like you had a great time :D


  9. Super cool pics <3
    Very good outfit

  10. So fun and lovely!!!! Beautiful ^^

    恵美より ♥

  11. wow!!! i booked a ticket to cebu last riday :) and this post just made me decide to go to bantayan!!! thanks!!!


    1. Cool! Will blog about how to go there soon! :)

  12. nice photos! been to cebu but not yet to bantayan. gaahh, sobrang nakakamiss magbeach. *slashwrist* :P

    1. Come and visit Bantayan Island :) sarap ng beach, wag na maglaslas pulso! :)

  13. gusto ko makarating dyan.. ampunin mo ako jewel haha! ^_^

    1. hahaha! sure! basta airfare and accommodation sayo :D

  14. UR SO CUTE


  15. Aww...it was a Paradise!!! Hot pics u got there my dear friend. Enjoy ur summer (and be safe always) ! ♡♥♡

  16. I'm gutted that I haven't been to Bantayan. Your post makes me want to go home this summer and spend time under the sun! Well done. Great post :)


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