PHOTODIARY and VLOG: Bantayan Island Cebu Summer 2014

I love this photo. My new cover photo on my facebook and twitter account. :)  Hello everyone! :) As promised, I will have post o...
I love this photo. My new cover photo on my facebook and twitter account. :) 

Hello everyone! :)

As promised, I will have post of my trip to the beach weeks ago. When I went to Bantayan Island for the first time, it was our company outing (spell: Lucky) when we had no worries with all the expenses all we have to do is to prepare ourselves and pack our things.

This time, it's different! When my friends and I decided to have a getaway to the island because we are being bothered with the "beach-weather" whenever we see the clouds and sunshine outside our office window. I know, not productive, but we are being creative.

I had no choice but to organize the trip. I ended up booking our trip in Beach Placid Resort. The place where I stay few years ago.

We decided to be early as possible so we can spend more time there. We left at 1:30AM going to Hagnaya Port we took V-Hire ride, so we can have our own space (okay, so we can sleep...)  and will save more time than riding a bus. We were so early! :) 

Van Hire Fare: PHP170 | Ferry Fare: PHP170

YAY! Our first group photo when we arrived at Beach Placid Resort. We got the beachfront room good for 4 persons for PHP3000/night and PHP300/pax for additional. :) 

From Hendrix Camera
 Overnight is very short, but if you are productive then, you feel that you're in island for days.
I hurriedly take off my shoes and wear my flip flops! Oh, I miss this sugary sand of the island :) 

Life is better in flip flops, eh?! :)

Our room! :)

 Thought I will not see palm trees at the beach. Good thing they are strong to survived Typhoon Yolanda last year! 

Breakfast. Filipino style! Danggit (dried fish), Egg, Fried Rice and Coffee. 

For our meals during our stay, there are local residence near the resort that offers to cook meals and will charge for only affordable amount. We bought our food at the market and they will cook it by our request. We love it! We saved more and help locals there for an extra income. 

After our breakfast, some of them decided to catch some sleep. I tried to wake them up to join me and Issa will hitting the beach! Sad to say, my powers didn't work out. HAHA!

Gadgets by the beach.

Remember my photos on this post? Issa took it and me took a photo of her! :) 

Oh. Beach weather, so lovely! 

YAY! Make it light :) 

Cloud porn! 

While watching the clouds and embracing the sea breeze, Hendrix was taking some selfie shot and because his camera lens is wide, I was also in the photo. HAHAHA! I love it, so candid! :) 

Then someone came out from the room and still sleepy. But really, I am loving my transition lens eyeglasses :) 

Excuse my sunblock lotion on my forehead :D


Billiard afternoon session. 
The moment when I have to prove that my College P.E. was billiards! Btw, I won! :) 

Sunset! Unfortunately, the sunset is on the other side :( Still I had fun taking photos. 

A group of Volunteers who are staying at the resort helping kids to bring back the happiness and forget the bad memory of Typhoon Haiyan. 

 Palm trees!

We noticed that there were no live bands at the other resort, because most of the residence there are still on process of moving on from what happened to them last year. 

Stars! :D


The next day, we were all excited to take a photo of sunrise! Unfortunately, we don't have any because dark clouds was covering the sun. Pfftt.. better luck next time. :)  Anway, we did so much fun! Here are our photos before we leave.

To sum up the whole trip, I edited the video and tried my best to gather all the moments of our trip. I love the song I used in this video, recently, I'm listening to summer-vibe songs. So, hope you guys, enjoy! :)


How's your summer so far? Any plans to go somewhere this weekend? 

Have a good day! :) 

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  1. Hi Jewel :)

    wow, grabe ang saya naman ng beach outing nyo sa Bantayan Island. Kakainggit!!! :D

    ang gaganda ng mga photos mo, specially the one with the coconut tree with the blue skies above. I feel so refreshed tuwing minamasdan ko siya.

    Summer na summer na talaga!

  2. Wow. I can really feel the summer vibe in this post! The beach looks sooo gorgeous! Luckily the palm trees survived the typhoon. They really complete the whole summer look of the beach :)

    Great shots and fun video! Haha :))

  3. looks like a great trip!
    Love all the photos especially at the beach one :)

  4. haha

    "Then someone came out from the room and still sleepy." - (YOU)

    Remember it's Saturday, body clock problems! :O

    Love the blog, Hate the blogger. :P
    [just-kidding! missyah-like-crazy-dude]

  5. Wonderful Place!!!!!
    Amazing pics!!!!
    Happy friday doll!

  6. So beautiful pics. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  7. Great, graet pics! I wanna be there now;) Lovely blog, what about following each other?

  8. Love these photos! They totally make me want to take a vacation.

  9. always jealous of your beach trips. & i love your video as always too. :))

  10. incredible location! very nice pictures!
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    would you like to pass from my blog?
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  11. LOVELY!!!!

    恵美より ♥

  12. looks like so much fun! <3


  13. Gorgeous photos - the sky is such an intense blue! I have serious beach lust, now.


  14. Very cool pics and super cool outfit too
    Good job!

  15. I love your pics and thanks for some info about beach placid. Been looking for the cheapest accommodation in Bantayan since I am traveling alone. Salamat. Gab of www.taragumala.blogpsot.com

    1. Awww.. thanks, Gab! :) enjoy your travel to Bantayan Island! :)


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