GNO: Rescue Bar and Lounge Cebu

Great time with Issa! :) Visit her travel blog: Island Trotters   Finally, GNO (Girl/s Night Out) series on my blog continues and b...

Great time with Issa! :) Visit her travel blog: Island Trotters 

Finally, GNO (Girl/s Night Out) series on my blog continues and blogging about this because I can't take this anymore, this is on my draft section since forever. I can't remember the last time I went to a restobar in Cebu. The last time I went was with my friend Jonah when he was based here in Cebu in almost a year to work and now back in Manila, so I felt like I have no friend again, when it comes to dancing and partying. 

Last January, we were invited by Hendrix to try Rescue Bar and Lounge, it's a new bar located in The Forum, Archbishop Avenue, which is very convenient and accessible to Cebu Business Park and IT Park Cebu. Look, how excited we were that night! :D 

Oh yeah, one thing is that I love my bracelet, so personalized and so cheap! I designed, shimmering gold and silver to compliment each other and voila! 

With Berns and Issa! 

Group photo! 

Remember my girls night out in Republiq Club? nothing. 

Wondering why there's a juice? It's actually can help to keep you up and away from being drunk or tipsy. Berocca can keep you up all night! :) Still, drink moderately is the number rule and don't drink different mixed of alcohol. Stick to only one! :) 

Oh and I just want to share this video we are in it. HAHAHA! VJ Haruka of Make My Trip Travel TV featured Rescue Bar and Lounge during Sinulog Week. I was conscious while taking videos of us having our cheers! (see: 1:50 mins)

Where do you hang out with your friends? :) 

Have a great day! 
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  2. Looks fun! I don't like to go clubbing but bars are fine :) I remember a time when my friends and I drank beer, vodka and wine in one night, and it was the WORST idea. Never done that again since that day. Hahaha!

  3. looks like you had so much fun
    the first picture with the beautiful light...how you made it?
    set the camera to slow shooting mode..I'm noob

    1. I'm not sure, but my camera was set into Live setting and the flash is double good for capturing lights at night. I'm using Canon A220 camera. :)

  4. That looks like a lot of fun! :) Love your blog.

    If you'd like to follow each other, my links are in my sidebar. I follow everyone back!

    Sandy xx
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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I will definitely visit your blog too! :3

  5. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it ❤ Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, Anna ♥

  6. Looks like a great place for chill nights with friends :)


  7. wow! hopefully, I can get there too. we go to Cebu every year. seems lot of fun, huh :)


  8. Have a lovely Wednesday dear!

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