Hello April!

Let me start this post by saying: Woooohoooo!!!  YAY! for April :) Whew! Time flies so fast. One month after our beach outing and w...

Let me start this post by saying: Woooohoooo!!! 

YAY! for April :) Whew! Time flies so fast. One month after our beach outing and we want more! Sad to say, we postponed our beach outing this coming weekend because of conflict of personal schedules. It's alright because we already set another date to our destination! I can't wait. :) 

It was my dream come true to wear distressed jeans at work. You can't blame me, it's summer here in our country and I am just finding ways to beat the heat. This is the perfect excuse to wear this jeans at work!

Shirt: Next | Jeans: Crissa | Shoes: Forever21

Though I am missing one piece of cloth to complete the look, I still manage to pull this off at work without looking so rugged. Just add plaid polo and tie it on your waist and voila! (just imagine...)

I always make sure that I chill after my work. You know, treat yourself. ;) Something good can work. ;) 

 I pulled a prank by posting it on my Facebook as status (no, not being a pregnant or getting married) for the first time for April Fool's day!  I posted that I am leaving Cebu for good and will be transferring to Manila. I received calls, messages from my friends in Manila and inviting me to see each other, I felt so guilty! So, at the end of the day, I told them the truth and it was a success! :D

Jump shot! Wohooo! :D What a busy week for me, can't believe its almost weekend! :D


  1. Hahahaha! Good one pulling your friends' legs! Hahaha! :P Anyway I'm so excited to hear about your next travels! Saan nman kaya this time? ;) Hehe! Looks like April is gonna be a fun month for you! Love your look too btw! I can imagine your complete look with the flannel shirt. Cute! <3

    1. YAY! Going to North and South :) I can't wait :3

  2. haha, that's a funny april fool's prank. i need to think of something good for next year!

    1. believe me, it was such a hassle, be careful on your april fool's prank next year! :)

  3. nice pics , you look beautiful on this simple and cool look


  4. Oh very beautiful pics~
    Very cute sunglasses!

  5. Great photos! I love your ripped jeans! They're my favorite trend of the moment.


  6. YAY! for April too! It's time for the sun and vacation!!


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