Photo Diary: Ilocos Norte Tour 2014

Wohooo! Enjoy LIFE! :) I can't hide my excitement offline when I was writing Hello April ! here in my blog. As much as I wanted t...
Wohooo! Enjoy LIFE! :)

I can't hide my excitement offline when I was writing Hello April! here in my blog. As much as I wanted to share where will I go this month, I just had to keep it. Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur are so far from Cebu City.
is a province of the Philippines located in the Ilocos Region. Its capital is Laoag City and is located at the northwest corner of Luzon Island, bordering Cagayan and Apayao to the east, and Abra and Ilocos Sur to the south. Ilocos Norte faces the South China Sea to the west and the Luzon Strait to the north. (source)

As much as we wanted to take a plane ride from Cebu City going to Laoag, there are no direct flights available for that. Our route was Cebu to Manila. I didn't complaint, cmon! I love Manila, this is where the place I grew up and the best part of the trip? I hang out with my Mom who is based there.

From Manila we had 10 hours long drive going to Ilocos Norte / Ilocos Sur including stop overs. When we found out that the trip was that long, I prepared myself for some pain for my butt. Too much expectation, we were just four in the van plus driver and tour guide, so very comfy and we can just lie down! :)

We left Manila at 9pm and we arrived at 5:30 AM at Loaog, first stop is breakfast at Mc Donalds, We screamed: Coffee! Then the tour started after:

Excuse our morning faces, we were excited much! 

First stop: Laoag Sinking Bell Tower
Over the years the 45m high bell tower has shelved few meters downward. This is evident by the tower's entrance that at present day a man of ordinary height must bent over to get inside. (source
Geez! I said to the tourist guide that I will be back here after 20 years, we'll see if I can still see the door. :)

Sta. Monica Church Complex

A devastating earthquake hit the province of Ilocos Norte on August 17, 1983, which recorded a magnitude of 5.3 (MI) on the Richter scale and an intensity 7 on the Rossi-Forel scale.[2] The tremor sustained a major structural damage on the church's facade as well as toppling down the bell tower. (source)
This church reminds me of the oldest church that was hit by a strong earthquake in my Bohol tour, last year. :( Good thing, I've seen them as a whole when I went there April last year. (wow! a year ago! :O )

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Also known as Burgos Lighthouse, is a cultural heritage structure in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, that was established during the Spanish Colonial period in the Philippines. It was first lit on March 30, 1892, and is set high on Vigia de Nagpartian Hill overlooking the scenic Cape Bojeador where early galleons used to sail by. After over 100 years, it still functions as a welcoming beacon to the international ships that enter the Philippine Archipelago from the north and guide them safely away from the rocky coast of the town. (source)

Meet my travel buddies: Jo, April and Maricor. It was supposed only Maricor and I who will explore the province, good thing we brought our close friends and we really had a great time! Wohoo! :)

Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

Bangui Wind Farm also known as Bangui Windmills
is a wind farm in Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. The wind farm uses 20 units of 70-metre (230 ft) high Vestas V82 1.65 MW wind turbines, arranged on a single row stretching along a nine-kilometer shoreline off Bangui Bay, facing the South China Sea. (source)
This is my favorite!

The Patapat Viaduct 

is a viaduct at the municipality of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, a coastal resort town on the northernmost tip of Luzon Island in the Philippines. (source)

We didn't go down for Bantay Abot Cave but that's alright, we just had our photo opt outside. :)

Blue Lagoon (Boracay of the North) 

Kabigan Falls in Pagudpud
is surrounded by thick forest and well known for its concaved basin, located at the eastern part of Barangay Balaoi, about 1.8 kilometres (1.1 mi) away from the national highway.
That was so hot and hiking mode. Whew!

We transferred to other location because the place was so crowded and we didn't like the color of the water. :3 Lookie! so fresh and cold running water to my feet. 

Candid shot while me resting after the long walk. Credit to our tour guide, Lina! :) 

We checked in at Northridge Beach Resort and we finally had a good sleep. I almost missed the sunset, whew! Tadaaah! I still managed to have great shots!

view from the veranda

I went to the seashore so I can have the close up shoot. 

This shot is taken by my Samsung Note 3. So love it. :) hashtag: No Filter :)

Me as Bunny! HAHAHA :D posted this on my instagram: @jewelclicks follow me! :)

We checked other resorts that have restaurants where we can eat our dinner, aww so many tourists at the beach! 

We had our dinner at Casa Victoria Resort and Restaurant finally a good food we had the entire trip. :)

Star gazing. :)

CHEERS! for fun filled tour in the province of Ilocos Norte. 

I can't wait for my next post about Ilocos Sur Tour. :) Will blog about it pretty soon! 

We would like to thanks Touristas.com.ph N.E.C. Tours for arranging our trip. We really had a great time the entire trip. Visit their site or Facebook page N.E.C. Tours if you want a hassle free tour. :)

Shout out to Richard, the assigned driver and tour guide and photographer to us and his partner, cheers! 

Hope you enjoy my post! :)

Have a great day everyone! 
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  1. Namiss ko tuloy yung Ilocos tour ko last year na di ko pa rin tapos i blog. hahahaha, dinissect ko kasi para madaming post. hehehe, Diba ang ganda sa Cape Bojeador? Ganda ng shot mo by the way.

    1. thanks June! :) Lahat ng tourist spots nila magaganda! :)

  2. I enjoyed your post indeed and you took such great pictures! Lovely sceneries im jelly lol


  3. great pictures!

  4. Wowwww amazing place babe
    Your pics are so wonderful.
    The Indian Savage Diary

  5. I was there last December. Bantay abot was a little scary because of the rocks there and it was too windy, one wrong step you may fall. But it was a nice experience.

    1. Good thing you still had fun there. :) Sad that we missed it!

  6. WOW! beautiful places!!! looks like good times! i can't wait til my son is a little older so we can start travelling!

  7. wow. one of the places I would like to go to. #tatakmarcos

    1. Visit soon! :) You will love the place for sure! #MarcosIdol

  8. Oh very ebautiful pics!


  9. Sobra naman ganda mg mga view!
    Nakakaenganyo na puntahan:)

    1. Sobrang ganda po doon Mommy Joy, you should visit there if you have time. :)

  10. Wow! Thanks for sharing. Ang ganda ng mga photos, feeling ko tuloy andun din ako! Must visit this place sometime <3


    1. Thanks Kylie! yes, visit there maganda photoshoot for outfits. :3

  11. I love them all but the Patapat Viaduct is my favourite place



  12. Great and amazing tour.



  13. amazing places darling,look beautiful these pictures
    thanks for your comment darling
    have a nice day

  14. the place looks wonderful <3 hope i get to go there soon


  15. Interesting tour.... amazing pics!!!!
    Kisses darling!!!

  16. Wow these places are awesome. Love the photos. Hope I can visit one day :)

    xx Mira


  17. Wow.. amazing places!


  18. great pics! look nice


  19. Hello, nice blog, would you like to follow each other? :)

    Fashion gets Fierce.

  20. Ahh the place looks so nice! Would love to visit Phil one day :) xx

  21. Great pictures dear!

  22. Cool postt, just started my new lifestyle blog and I would love if you check him out menrule101.blogspot.com

  23. That first photo is awesome! Looks like you had an amazing time touring Ilocos Norte.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  24. Awesome pictures and place, you had such a great time there! =)
    Thanks for commenting in my blog and for the kindness too! ♥



  25. I love all the photos. Looking at it makes me want to book a flight to Ilocos Norte. I've never had a chance to visit it before... hopefully I can go to that place this year so I can see the bangui windmills. I've always wanted to see it. :)

    x, shekinahjoy.com
    Bloglovin | Facebook

  26. Wahhhhh Jewel nakakainggit ka talaga!!! Hahahaha. Looks super fun and yung beach photos super pretty!! Now I really really want to visit Ilocos since ang dami niyo ng nakikita ko nag blog about it. And while I'm typing this the show on tv (Travel Buddies) is also featuring Ilocos Norte, no kidding! Seriously?! Hahaha. Yes, convinced na convinced na ko.

    Anyway can't wait for your Ilocos Sur trip update! :)

  27. Oh very magical place!
    Gorgeous pics!
    Comment to back to keep in touch~


  28. Ahh. Bakit ang dami niyong pinuntahan when you had your tour in Ilocos? Kakainggit. We went there 6 years ago pero the places we went were completely different from yours. Baka kase we also went to Baguio kaya we had limited time. Seeing the pictures you've taken made me want to go back again. Hayyy. How much did you spent during the whole tour? Please let me know. Can you send it in my e-mail. shairamanalo@yahoo.com I'm that interested. Haha. Thanks! :)


  29. this reminded of my visit to ilocos....asnd that's way back...:)


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