Photo Diary: Ilocos Sur Tour 2014

HEY! HEY! HEY! :) I'm back in the city again from a short trip to an island here in Cebu. Will blog about it very soon, of course! If...

HEY! HEY! HEY! :) I'm back in the city again from a short trip to an island here in Cebu. Will blog about it very soon, of course! If you are following me on instagram, I'm sure you know where I was this weekend. :) Follow me: @jewelclicks and I will follow you too, why not! :)

The next day of our tour our next destination is Ilocos Sur it was an hour drive from Pagudpud which is located in Ilocos Norte. So we went to Loaog City! :)  Read my previous post: Ilocos Norte Tour 2014.
Ilocos Sur is located along the western coast of Northern Luzon. It is bordered by Ilocos Norte to the north, Abra to the northeast, Mountain Province to the east, Benguet to the southeast, La Union to the south, and the China Sea to the west. Its area of 2,579.58 square kilometers occupies about 20.11% of the total land area of Region 1. (source)
After our breakfast our first stop was:

Malacanang of North and Paoay Lake

Malacañang of the North or Malacanang ti Amianan in Ilocano is always present in everyone’s itinerary when planning or visiting the northern province of Ilocos Norte. (source)

This series called: Do Not Sit Here (kidding!)

Marcos family portraits.

We were a good listener to our tour guide. I will blog about this separately. I love the place and I love the history.

Our view: the Paoay lake

Love the lightning! #NoFilter I was so fresh for our first stop. Richard at the back with our cameras! I asked him to take candid photos of us while listening to our tour guide. Both job is not easy. Cheers for you guys! 

Excuse my chapped lip because of the heat :( 

Sand Dunes 

Where you can do 4x4 ride and Sand Boarding

YAY! The only activity that Maricor looking forward to. She was about to cry when April and Jo said no,no for the ride. It cost roughly PHP2,500 for a 4x4 ride and we were only four. Good thing, they have an ATV where I saved her from crying because I was her driver and only cost PHP800.

She nailed it! I told her that use my smart phone to capture videos and photos of us while me driving. She knows my password na! HAHAHA :D She was so happy! :)

     Paoay  Church

The Church of Saint Augustine, commonly known as the Paoay Church, is the Roman Catholic parish church of the municipality of Paoay, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. Completed in 1710, the church is famous for its distinct architecture highlighted by the enormous buttresses on the sides and back of the building. In 1993, the church was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one best examples of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines. (source)

Bantay Church & Bell Tower   

The church was heavily damaged during World War II and rebuilding was started in 1950. The restored façade is of Neo-Gothic design mixed with pseudo-Romanesque materials and elements. It is designed to be grandiose and reminiscent of Spanish architecture. It uses materials such as bricks and mud.(source)

Look how silly we are! :D 

This is not a joke. The weather was extremely hot yet we managed to pose in front of our cameras with Richard. 

We were looking for something COLD.

 Hooray! We found Ilocos Coolers Halo-Halo perfect to beat the heat! Special Halo-Halo for PHP50.

This is how it looks like. :) Grabbed from their FB Page

Calle Crisologo, Vigan City
The major attraction of Vigan is its mestizo district which is filled with Spanish-style houses that evoke a bygone era when its people lived prosperously because of the Manila-Acapulco maritime trade. (source here and here)

Souvenirs! :)

Gaah! The old street was so busy and full of strangers, you can't even take an OOTD shot. 
(yes, I attempted)

We had our lunch here, seriously took us almost an hour, we missed to go to a museum! :( 

So, we did our groupie shot and video that will be uploaded soon! :) 

Cafe Leona. :)

 Baluarte ni Singson

Baluarte is 80 hectares of gently rolling terrains, hills and mountain sides, the structures of facilities and amenities, its phases of construction is in its best possible realistic and natural habitat for good and sound animal care. (source)
This was our last stop of our tour. We were not impressed seeing the tigers, white deers, little pony so thin or looked like tired, dehydrated plus the Ostrich were eating garbage. :( 

Told them to smile for me, but they didn't. I understand. 


Whew! I can't believe it, we have to leave the place before sunset. Another 10 hours long drive again going back to Manila. I realized that long drives are not bad when you are comfy at the back seat of the van and listening to the travel songs you've downloaded and thinking about what you have experienced the entire stay that you had in the province. I'm so blessed, I am aware that not everybody can go out their comfort zone and travel somewhere they want to.

Again, excuse my chapped lip. :( 
 My pillow for the long drive, I bought it a day before I left Cebu! :)

Sunset shot while inside the van on our way to Manila in a 80kph speed, I think. :) Thank God, he blessed our trip. :)

Tour Package by Touristas.com.ph N.E.C. Tours 

Have a great day everyone! :)
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  1. incredible photos!
    i am going to istanbul, turkey this weekend!
    have you been?!


    1. Hi M! Not yet, Im looking forward to travel in Southeast Asia once I'm done travelling to our country. :)

  2. Ganda pala dyan. Layo lang talaga.
    Very beautiful captions:)

  3. super fun ng summer mooo! i can die out of inggit right at this very moment. hahaha! :P i love your photos as usual, made me miss ilocos so bad. more travel kwentos! :)

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  6. Super hectic ang sked! Very intriguing and interesting images, as always. ;)

  7. Really nice pictures!

  8. I really want to go there! Good thing you have this photodiary to give me sneak peeks of what Ilocos has to offer!

    VernaBytes | style blog by Verna Abril

    1. Yup! You should plan your trip there soon. :)

  9. So fun! I'm so jelly because right now you're living the life I dream of living in the future, travelling anywhere and everywhere! Hahaha. Super pretty ng mga photos mo, as usual. And the places look so pretty and vintage, sarap mag photoshoots everywhere! Hahaha <3

    1. Hi Czarina! Thanks! You will travel anywhere soon too, I'm pretty sure :) <3

  10. Looks like sooo much fun!! The photos are marvelous. I would love to travel right now :)

    xx Mira


  11. Wow,what a wonderful place! I could never forget the time my professor in college told us something about Ilocos. Although, she said something not so good about the place, I think the place is a great one based on your post. I love to travel a lot and I think your post is one proof how beautiful our country is :)) thanks a lot for the share, hope I'll travel in Ilocos someday!

    love lots,


  12. Wish you a great afternoon babe!

  13. Amazing place, i want to visit it!


  14. gorgeous place! you look like you had so much fun!!!!


  15. Really fun pictures! You had such a great time there! =)



  16. Wooooow! Looks like you had a great time!

  17. very cool pictures,so funny
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  18. Ngayonsabihin mo sa akin? Mainit ba hindi? Mukha na akong basahan jan sa pawis. LOLs.
    Ganda modun sa solo pic with chapped lips. Layo ng tingin! ahahaha., Ganda jan sa Marcus no? Na blog ko na yan eh. Mala teleserye mga moments jan pag pictureran na eh. lols

  19. Awesome photos! Now I need my own getaway after reading this post! I've never been to Ilocos Sur.


  20. I would love to join you in this trip some days :)


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