The Wedding: Chateau de Busay

I attended my friend's wedding weeks ago. I am so happy to witnessed their changing of vows to each other. They've been plannin...

I attended my friend's wedding weeks ago. I am so happy to witnessed their changing of vows to each other. They've been planning for this for a long time. Ana and Karlo wedding reception venue was awesome! We were at Chateau de Busay Cebu. 

I always passed by this place whenever I go uphill to chill to Mountain View Nature Park or Tops Cebu, we all need some sweet and short escape away from the city sometimes. 

Their motif was blue and lavender so, I decided to choose blue because I already have this blazer and I think it's time to give it a spin again. :) I was so busy the entire week, so I decided to buy my wedding gift after my work and dropped by at What A Girl Wants to see, what I can wear as an inner, good thing, I spotted this floral top that match my royal blue blazer. Whew! that saves me. For the bottom, I have this high-waist shorts from Strings Manila long time ago, I haven't worn this because it was too big for me because of this wedding, I had a time to go to a shop nearby to alter this cute orangey shorts! YAY! 

Top: What A Girl Wants | Shorts: Strings Manila | Blazer and Shoes: SM Dept. Store

I'm not sure what I'm trying to convey here, one hand in the pocket posed. HAHA!

It was great catching up with these girls again :) 

Ishi, MJ, RC and Me

My favorite group photo, that moment when you don't know what to pose when the photographer ask for a "wacky pose"

Feels like I'm so far away from you.... I mean far away from the city! Look at the view, there were three weddings reception and one debut party that day and in different parts of this place with different mountain and city views, but I like their spot better! 

Hello there city!

Love is in the air. Behind the scene of their wedding video. 

Our group photo with Mr. and Mrs. Llanos!

The sunset sesh! 

Guess what? Wondering why I have the bouquet of flowers of the bride? YES! I was the one who wore the garter and that means "I will be the next bride!" (you know, tradition) the question is "to whom?" HAHAHAH! :D  

Have a great day everyone! :) 
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  1. this wedding look wonderful !

  2. you look amazing,nice color mix and also love this bouquet
    I posted a new look, I'd love to know your opinion
    ----> tr3ndygirl fashion blog <----
    have a nice day

  3. Aww I love weddings! And it's perfect that they chose this place for the reception! Super pretty nung view. And definitely makaka tanggal ng stress pag yun yung view mo. Haha! Love your outfit too! <3

  4. This wedding looks like it was so beautiful!

  5. hi dear..nice blog ..... wud u like to follow each other ... lemme know if so... also can I ask for a favor, just a click on my lovely shoes'd mean a lot

  6. It looks beautiful! It was a wonderful day <33 you have a really good blog :D I'm keeping foward your blog

  7. I love going to weddings! It's so beautiful to witness the people you know exchange their vows.

    If you'd like to follow each other on GFC or anywhere else, do pop by my blog.
    My links are at the bottom of the page.
    I follow everyone back! Just let me know if you've followed. :)

    Sandy | SMXYC: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion.

  8. wow that's very nice place for having wedding party!
    I like it ^^

  9. First of all , congrats to your friend ♥ . The wedding seems awesome and the place is nice and beautiful ♥ .

    anyway mind to following each other?

  10. Oh very beautiful and lovelies pics!

  11. Beautiful photos!!! Simply breathtaking.

  12. Super cool pics
    Very great outfit and nice photos

  13. Super cool pics
    Very great outfit and nice photos

  14. beautiful photos on your page!!!

    Enter my GIVEAWAY!!


  15. What you wore was actually cute. I believe the sunset gave a magical feeling to all of you that afternoon. Best wishes nga pala in advanced.. lols

  16. I am in love with your photos!


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