GNO: After Two Years

YEY! For Girls Night Out post here on my blog. This time, I'm with my friend since grade-school, Sheena! She's from Manila and ...

YEY! For Girls Night Out post here on my blog. This time, I'm with my friend since grade-school, Sheena! She's from Manila and had her business trip here in Cebu. The last time we saw each other was May 2012! We can't believe it, it was two years ago. feels like only yesterday or last month! :D Here's our throwback photo inside Bench, a clothing store in J Center Mall here in Mandaue when I visited her while she's working, Cebu and opened in SM Consolacion, Cebu branch.

She's back here in Cebu for new projects! I didn't had a chance to meet her last March because we were both busy. She and her team are working on the new Bench Lifestyle + Clothing store that will opens in Ayala Center Cebu located in their New Wing this June and soon to open Cotton On! YEY! I keep on asking her when it will going to open and she said depends on how things going on. I also asked her about what is the difference of the Global Bench Store from the existing one. If you are from Cebu, I will let you know soon. :)

Here's the photo of Lee Min Ho from their latest summer collection. Ayeee! he is so cute! brb, dying....

We had our dinner at Gusto Urban Cafe + Wine Bar. We had fun and healthy conversation and talk about love life.. We can say that we are matured now. hehehe

The best part of the conversation is that we are planning to have a short out of town trip soon as her schedule permits from work.

I am so happy every time there's a friend from Manila who will visit Cebu and spend their time meeting me. Sheena is one of them, I have a blog post regarding "Friendship" that is saved as draft. (I know, I know, I have to post it soon.) 

We ended the night with a cheers! It was nice to see each other again. 

See you soon my friend in Manila or here in Cebu! :)


Where do you and your girlfriends go? share it to me! :D 
Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. You are both so so pretty!!!!
    Lovely pics, as usual!!!
    I have worked extensively as a model ... no you're wrong dear. Thank you for your wonderful comment!
    I wish you an amazing weekend!

    1. thanks, Paola! For me you still a model! :) cheers!

  2. Aw, I'm glad you two reunited! I know the feeling... My two best friends still live in Thailand and I only see them once a year whenever they visit Manila. <3

  3. such a cool fun snaps! girls nights are always the best!

  4. looks like a fun night :) oh and Lee Min Ho is <3 just finished watching The Heirs and it was really awesome!!!

  5. aww fab pics! there's really nothing better then sharing good food with a good friend :) looks like you had such an amazing time!

  6. Wow! that's so cool Jewel! I'm so happy for you! I love spending time with my friends too, those moments are so precious! cheers for more years of friendship! <3

    love lots,

  7. It looks like you had lots of fun:) xx

  8. It looks like you had lots of fun:) xx

  9. Nice photos! The food looks delicious and it must have been lovely to catch up with an old friend!! :)


  10. very fun!


    i am now following your blog
    through GFC & Bloglovin'.

    Ms. Kei

  11. Always fun when it's girl's night out. You two are the cutie pie.

  12. I love to meet friends)

  13. i love GNO!! it's rare, but when we get together, it's so much fun! sometimes we hit a restaurant, but now that all of us have kids, we usually meet at someone's house :)

  14. Beautiful photos, great fun. Hello dear stay in touch.


    bloglovin follower

  15. Girls' night out always be my favourite night ;)


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