Summer with Daddy

with  Daddeee! Awesome! Finally, sharing some of the photos from our Family vacation last week of May. Yes, we ended our summer wi...

with  Daddeee!

Awesome! Finally, sharing some of the photos from our Family vacation last week of May. Yes, we ended our summer with a bang! :) Here are photos with the siblings, friend, Garth our dog and my sister's daughter, Shanna and husband JC!

We had our trip at San Pablo Island, one of the two islands in our hometown. We spend our vacation here every year, it's our traditional now. We choose this small island over San Pedro Island, which is bigger one because this place have fewer people or visitors so much private and me-time. :) 

The next day, we went to hot spring, I missed to join the family last year when they went here and finally I joined the family dipping the hot, warm, cold and coldest water here. Will definitely blog about this soon. For now, here are few shots with Dad!

This is where the spot for warm water. Dad and Uncle Ar-Ar having fun.

with my sister and daddy

Love this photo of my Dad and his first granddaughter Shanna! :) 

So happy to spent quality time with our Dad! There are too many to mentions why he's so cool! 

Happy Father's Day! :)
and to all the Father's out there! :)

Have a great day everyone! 
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  1. wow such lovely places found in your hometown! those clear salt and fresh waters are amazeeeballs! happy father's day to your father1 you look so much like him. you guis all share the same chinky eyess <3

  2. Awweeee how sweet of you Jewel!
    Dads are the best bf's :)))
    so happy you had a great time with your Dad and your fam. Happy Father's Day to your dad <3

    love lots,

  3. That's so nice you got to some lovely time with your dad, lovely moment and pics.

  4. Girl, I'm so jealous! Followed you back:)

    Laura Macij

  5. i love this!!! can really feel the amazing and fun time you had through the pictures :) happy fathers day to your dad hon!!

  6. Beautiful pics and amazing place!!!!
    Happy weekend darling!!!

  7. Beautiful photos! It's been a while since I've been out of the city. I need to reconnect with nature more lol

  8. happy father's day to your dad dear :)

  9. Awww these pictures are soooo cute ! :)
    I love the place you live in, it's so heavenly *_*

    1. thanks Elodie, yes the place is amazing! :)


  10. the place looks gorgeous :) Happy Father's day to your dad <3

  11. Sorry! backreading here Jewls. Hey, the water's inviting kaso parang ansakit sa paa ng pebbles. More excited though about the hot spring.

  12. yay! family trip this time. <3 *dies in jealousy* hahaha! kidding! :)
    lovely photos with your daddeyyy.


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