Cool Kids at Whaleshark Watching and Sumilon Island

My friend invited me to go out of town weeks ago and I couldn't say "no" to her since she is from Manila and as promised t...

My friend invited me to go out of town weeks ago and I couldn't say "no" to her since she is from Manila and as promised to her we will definitely go on an adventure soon! That friend is Sheena that I was with on this post.

She was with her two colleagues that also wants to have adventure aside from their business trip here in Cebu, they want to make most out of it.  Decided to tag along Cybil who is also always on-the-go. Invited her in the morning and voila! She was good to go with us! :D

Our itinerary was tight and we traveled to Oslob by 3PM on Friday and arrived at 7PM. First time to take bus going to the South of Cebu. Good thing, it was easy to just go to the terminal and hop-in to aircon bus Ceres Liner and informed them that you will go to Aaron Beach Resort. We stayed overnight so we can start our activity early in the morning. :)

Above Sunrise.

YAY! So lucky to witness again the sunrise here in Tan-awan, Oslob in front of the beach resort we stayed in. It was my second time in the place, but can you believe it? I still had a first time thing to do! dun, dun, dun, the popular whale shark watching in Cebu!

5 Minutes of orientation of do's and don'ts then get ready for your encounter! I decided to just watch them not to snorkeling because I'm not a good swimmer. MEH.

Kit, Sheena, Tom, Cybil and I
 We were so ready! 

Early morning.

Tom was excited to swim with them, Sheena and Kit was too nervous to let go of the boat! 

Me, literally, watching! 

Fishy, fishy!

After our 30 minutes activity, we went straight to Sumilon Island! We only stayed there for an hour, but the boat went back to get us late, so we didn't have a chance to go to Tumalog Falls :( We really have to catch the bus at 10AM, so they can catch their flight back to Manila at 5PM that day! Geez! 4-hours travel going back to Cebu City. Good thing, they made it! hooray!!

Aerial Shot! These photos makes me miss the beach. No to swimming for now.

Sea you soon! :) 

Leaving you this song! :)

Underwater shots, soon! :) 

Have a great day! 
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  1. the water looks so nice. i know those whale sharks are gentle giants, but i think i'd still be freaked out, lol!!

    1. yeah. that's why I decided not to swim with them too! :D

  2. Beautiful and more beautiful beachy pictures. Hope you had a lot of fun:). Thx for asking honey, I've not been on instagram for almost a year. :). I've no time to post anywhere else but blog only:). I will check ur IG soon. My ig's @attraction2fash

    1. Thanks, Tanya. Its alright. I prefer checking your blog. :)

  3. wow! this is awesome. I want to try this also :)

  4. wow! this is awesome. I want to try this also :)

  5. Very nice post Love this.

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  6. I always love your incredible pics!!!!
    Kisses honey!!!

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  7. such a beautiful places,nice pictures
    thanks for your comment darling
    have a nice day

  8. Wow, stunning pictures. ;-)
    Lovely greets Ness

  9. My friends and I have been thinking of whale shark watching Jewel but we never had it yet. We were planning to go south to do it last summer. You're sooo lucky!!!! the experience you have is truly unforgettable!!! love the pics so much too!!! :)) <3

    love lots,

    1. Yay! You should try it soon with your friends. I swear, its fun! :)

  10. wow beautiful pictures and locations!
    kisses Gi.

    new post

  11. Wow! Ang ganda ng location!! I want to go there <3 Vacation much needed lol.

  12. so beautiful!!!! the water is so clear!!! and what an experience to swim with them!! :D

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  13. Jeweeeellll ^__^
    Waah! inggit much akooooo XD
    Grabe, gusto ko rin makakita ng real life Butanding. Pero sa bangka lng siguro ako.
    I'm not a good swimmer either eh -_-

    Glad you guys had a blast on your whale watching!

  14. amazing place and pics !

  15. Stunning place! You had a great time there! =)


  16. Ang ganda. Gusto ko din ng underwater experience. Haha! :)
    I love the photos. Watching the sunset will always be a relaxing thing to do.


  17. So cool moment ^^


  18. SO cool pics ^^


  19. this looks like so much fun!! super cool pics. xx
    Instagram @littleprettymess

  20. So fun & fresh! The sky is gorgeous!!!!

  21. Love the place the Pictures ....<3

  22. Oh wow, these photos are all so colourful and cheerful! It looks as though you had such an amazing time - thanks so much for sharing, have a lovely wekeend! :)
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  23. I wanna learn how to swim as well so I could go with the sharks! FUN!!!

  24. very wonderful places,nice pictures always
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  25. Love the photos, and looks like you guys had tons of fun! Love the photos and the Cool Kids vid is <3

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  26. I love this post! You take really great pictures, did you know that? :) I really miss pretty water like that.

  27. yayy for first time experiences! <3 kainggit! gusto ko rin to pero pag I can swim better na. baka mataranta ko. hahaha! anyway, glad you had yet another fun trip. :)

  28. Gusto ko rin 2! ingittira lang:) sana push ang ang plan ko this sinulog to visit cebu and I want to meet you:)

  29. perhaps you can tag along once we go to Cebu to swim with that gentle giants?

    nice trip :)


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