Rainy Day Essentials

I hate it when it rains and I'm about to go to work or when it's time to go home from work. I mean I'm happy when it rains t...

I hate it when it rains and I'm about to go to work or when it's time to go home from work. I mean I'm happy when it rains too, but not too much. Please no to typhoon again! 

1. Bring the Basics

Umbrella - it's hard to find sturdy umbrella when the wind is strong. Sometimes we end up buying the expensive ones because we are expecting that they can conquer the strong wind. 

Jacket - with hoodie will be good! For a lazy person who don't want to bring umbrella (like me harharhar) this would be great. 

2. Make it more extra special

Waterproof case for mobile - If you have a waterproof case (lucky you, Iphone users!) then good. For me, I am using this waterproof case because there's no available for my Note 3 or there is? Let me know, so I can check it out. Feels like I'm going to the beach. :D

Rain boots - I bought this rain boots last year because there were non-stop typhoons entered our country and ended up stranded somewhere because I can't go home because of the flood in our area. Since then, I am so happy to walk while it's raining and not bitching about my shoes getting wet because of the rain. 

I think this is for kids. I don't care, it's cute than plain boots.

3. Transportation Apps 

I can say it's a heaven sent for me as I don't own a car in the city and hate to fall in line in taxi stand for more minutes and wait for nothing. These applications really help! I tried them both and I had good and bad experience, but more happy. :)

Grab Taxi

I like their tracking because there's a photo of the driver to make sure that he is the one who will pick you up. There no additional payment for now, I think it is only extended until this month. Soon, there will be PHP25 additional on the top of your bill. Not bad after all. :)

Easy Taxi

I'm not gonna lie, this is the first app I installed in my phone, unfortunately there were no Cebu City available yet. So when I went to the mall on a weekend the taxi driver promote this app. I told him that I will try it out when I go home. Suprisingly, it was the driver who picked me up from SM Cebu going home! hahahaha! The additional payment is PHP20 not bad for a faster pick up for only 5 minutes and boom! you are out of the line from taxi stand.

Prons: (1) Easy and convenient if you are not in a hurry to go. (2) If you forgot something you can contact the driver right away. (3) You can cancel the request, but make sure with valid reason or else, they will block your number! (related issues below)

Cons: (1) If the driver stuck in traffic and you are late at work then you have no choice but to look for another cab. Experience this with Grab Taxi.  (2) Worst is driver pick up the wrong passenger instead of you. YES! Happened to me. I almost late with my meeting that day and arrived almost wet! Experience this with Easy Taxi. 

PS: No UBER yet here in Cebu. :D

4. Grab a Coffee - No. Not just coffee. My comfort food when I had no choice to stay somewhere because of the rain.

5. Read a book - If you are currently reading an ebook that would be good, but make sure your gadget is full battery or if you have an actual book, then that's better! Perfect combo while eating or drinking coffee.

That's all I can share with you guys. I guess, if you have a rain boots you can walk flawlessly like this.... 

Just kidding! :D (ARTE!)

Be safe everyone! :) x
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  1. The hoodie is always cute for the rainy day like these days, It has been raining here too:).


  2. Your boots are s fun ^^


  3. Ahh great list Jewel! may gani keri ra ang uwan dri sa Cebu hehe
    be safe! unya dapat naa ang raincoat ug arinlola sa lista AHAAhah
    jk! :D

    love lots,


  4. great tips, jejej, love the boots ejeje :)
    Instagram @littleprettymess

  5. Cool rainy day look!!!!

    Ciao bellissima!!!

  6. You look lovely!! Nice boots! <3

    Hugs & kisses

  7. very nice and interesting post!
    kisses Gi.

    new post

  8. Love your outfit and your umbrella. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  9. i miss my purple umbrella ;(

  10. thanks for sharing this, one of the things very important during rainy/stormy weather also is a charged up power bank. Learned this the hard way, there's been no electricity in our area for a day now and it's driving me crazy that I did not charge my phone :s


  11. Lovely post....thx for the tips <3


  12. Love the rain boots! sissy! we have the same umbrella yon nga di carry sa malakas na hangin:) hahahaha!

  13. cute post !


  14. This is such a nice idea for a post, thanks for the tips! I agree that it's super hard to find sturdy umbrellas.. the amount of times I've had my umbrellas blow inside out on me whilst walking along a windy street! My favourite tip in this post is stopping for a snack break to wait until the rain passes - it's so cosy! ;)

    - I follow back on bloglovin' -


  15. Super cool! I just love the boots! kiss


  16. love this look,amazing booties
    would you like to pass from my blog?
    NEW OUTFIT http://tr3ndygirl.com

  17. Love this post! My rainy day essential is definitely coffee + a good book <3


  18. Love your booties! :) How I wish I could pull that off as well.


  19. Awesome outfit and great pics
    Great choices!

  20. I've always wanted to have a pair of rain boots and wear it in school whenever it's raining. I want to see the people's reactions and stares. Haha :) I would like to try and pull it off for a change :)


  21. You rocked :)
    Awesome outfit and super cool pics
    Great work!


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