Cotton On Kids Now Open in Cebu

New stores invading the spaces of Ayala Center Cebu New Wing, one of the stores I am waiting to open is that Cotton On! Too much excitement,...
New stores invading the spaces of Ayala Center Cebu New Wing, one of the stores I am waiting to open is that Cotton On! Too much excitement, they opened the Cotton On Kids first and later next month will be for adults! YEY! :P

If you are wondering, I don't have a kid yet, but I am a Godmother of four cute kids now. Whew! One of the godmother duties is to give something useful and trendy to the kids! #NinangDuties

It's a perfect timing for my niece, my goddaughter upcoming first birthday next month! When I went to their store, I was like OMG! when all of their clothes and stuff are so fashionable and cute! :3

They also have Hello Kitty shirts! Whoaaa!

I also like the shoes, but I have to bring her to the store to get the right fit.

No monsters allowed! :P

Tadaah! Here's my secret gift for my niece. :3

I love the quote! 

Fortunately, I had a chance to sneak peek of the store before they had opening last week. Thanks to Sheena and Tom, I visited them in the site after my work and these what happened: Photo opts!

So serious, kids at work. 

The red door.

 Sheena and I goofing around. :D

Familiar faces? If you read my post about Whaleshark watching, yes we went altogether!
Tom, Sheena and I

Cotton On Kids
2nd Level, Ayala Center Cebu New Wing

Have a great day everyone!
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  1. Nice store!!!
    I am sure you will find something cute for your goddaughter

  2. Awwww, now I know where to find cute pieces for my patootie!


  3. Really nice for childrens ^^


  4. Cotton On is one of my favorite stores, and Cotton On Kids is also my go-to place when shopping for my niece <3 That's great that they now have branches in Cebu!

  5. Oh really nice collection ^^


  6. nice collection , you look cute
    have a nice day

  7. wow! all beautiful
    new outfit on my blog
    i wait you

  8. Omg they have the cutest stuff. I love to shop for kids :)


  9. very beautiful store!
    kisses Gi.

    new post

  10. Wow Cotton On Kids in Cebu. Makes me wanna move there next naman! Well I don't have kids, but just like you, I'm a ninang na rin and shops like these would make it easier for us 'pag Christmas, definitely! :)


  11. Ahh this just gave me an idea on what to give to my precious inaanaks. Cotton on para medyo sosyal! Hehe :D

  12. Wow i need to visit this store! For my little cousins ahhh so cute <3

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