Pescador Island Moalboal Cebu

Finally sharing our trip last month in Moalboal, Cebu! We stayed in BigSand Resort and Campgrounds . The weather since "Ber" s...

Finally sharing our trip last month in Moalboal, Cebu! We stayed in BigSand Resort and Campgrounds. The weather since "Ber" started to rain, not surprised because this is how the weather in the Philippines. Still wishing for beach weather this coming months. We left the city early in the morning to catch the morning breeze at the beach! 

The next day, we went to Pescador Island to add more adventure to our trip. We didn't miss a chance to visit there we are all spontaneous!

Here's the team busy applying sunblock lotion. Peace, guys! 

I thought we will reached the island within 30-minutes, but no! We were patiently waited for us to docked near the island. 

We are so near! I mentioned that I don't know how to swim as one of the facts about me, I missed the opportunity to see the corals below. Cmon! It was 25 feet! :O

Here are the photos from Island Trotters, Issa!


Awesome shot of Neil, Issa's boyfriend. 

I enjoy the water with life jacket on. HAHAHAHA! Loser. I always say to myself that I should learn how to swim or else I can't enjoy trips like this. Anyway, I don't want to pressure myself. :)

Basdaku area of Moalboal. There are so many beach resorts and cottages and rooms to stay if you want to spend a weekend with your friends or family.

Until the next beach trip!

Have a great day everyone!
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  1. OMG!! Super awesome place, hopefully I can visit there one day :)


  2. Waaah Moalboal! Haven't been here pa gyud!!! :(

    Janine, www.itsjaninella.com

  3. Ahhh,suya much nasad ko :((
    Moalboal is one destination on my bucket list,hayyzzz..soon!!!! So happy you had a really great time on the place Jewel!! Looking forward to your posts about your travel in HK soon hehehe stalker sa IG ang peg LOL

    love lots,


  4. I wish I could go there with my partner but it's expensive for me right now. xoxo
    Enara's Things

  5. sana makapunta din ako diyan! ganda talaga ng island at nakakainggit ang photos below the sea dear :)


  6. Wonderful pics... this place is a paradise!!!!!
    Love, Paola.
    My Facebook

  7. I miss the beach in Moalboal. My family and I went there 2 years ago. I do know how to swim but I'm scared of diving in a deep sea. I wear life jacket too with this kind of trip.

    The photos look amazing especially the diving part. It looks cool but I'm scared to try it myself.

  8. Pescador Island is the most gorgeous place. It is the best place to visit. I have been there after my coast bus. That was a great expression. I really enjoy this island lot of natural beauty with my friends. The greenery and Coral reef of Moalboal gives fabulous spectacle there. Here I want to share my favorite beach in Penang is Panagsama Beach. I want to go there as soon as possible.

  9. OMG! Looks like an awesome trip <3 Ang gaganda ng mga photos mo! I really need to go on a getaway trip soon too.


  10. Beautiful, beautiful place! When I went to Bohol, I was only able to explore Panglao. Definitely going back and checking this out.

    Nice shots as well! (I wish I was brave enough to take the plunge in the sea... ahhh non-swimmer problems hehe)

  11. Omg! This is an amazing place and your pics are beautiful!!



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