Shake It Off September

Hello SeptemBER! Yes, let's all welcome the first month of "BER months" my birth month (rhyme, yes, rhyme). Yay! Plus on...

Hello SeptemBER! Yes, let's all welcome the first month of "BER months" my birth month (rhyme, yes, rhyme). Yay! Plus one year again to my life. I can't wait to have more adventures. While most of my friends and some people same age like mine are getting engaged and hitched, I am busy thinking where to go this coming months and next year. This month is going to be busy for me and already have busy schedules. Ugh, quarter life, you are so great! :D 

I've been going to different places in town recently, spontaneous trips are awesome and expensive, like you really have to spend money and time on it, but you wouldn't care at all as long as you are happy and enjoying the view where you're sitting while eating your favorite food while drinking your favorite beer. I will blog about it soon.

Shirt: Bench | Pants: Jag Jeans | Shoes: Forever 21

Awesome view here in Lantaw Native Restaurant, sweet escape to go to wherever you want to have a break from the city scenes and just stare at this beautiful nature and feel the cold wind breeze.

This is how I looks like after pigging out! I look fat, here. HAHA! 

And I don't care! :P 

Shake it off!

Have a great, great, week everyone! :) 
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  1. Enjoy your birth month! Long live spontaneous and fun trips! :)

  2. wow
    the scenery is beautiful !!
    and you look flawless !


  3. wow what a nice place to rewind
    i wanna be there now!

  4. Wow! The view is spectacular! I really need to get out of Manila and travel around more. Our country has so much to offer and I'm not taking advantage of it :(

    1. thank you, Kylie! :) Yes, take a break from Manila scenes if you have time!

  5. Love the pictures! Love the one moving at the beginning of the post

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  6. great location,nice look
    new outfit on my blog
    i wait you

  7. Beautiful photos, thanks for the visit.

  8. Wow, happy birth month to you Jewel! Haha. :)
    And I have been longing to go to Lantaw Busay ever since I heard of it!
    Waaah when can I go theeeeere~

    P.S.: You look so pretty especially in the last photo! ♥


  9. Wow~what a lovely place Jewel!! Fresh kau!
    asa na????
    wanna go there!!!

    love lots,

  10. WOOW!!
    look great

  11. vice place ;)

  12. Same here, Semptember's always one of the busiest months! Love the view, it's simply breathtaking.

  13. yay! nakita ko na rin place na yan sa post ni kryz uy! would definitely want to get there too! have a great weekend dear :)

  14. Hi Jewel. I actually sang shake it off after reading your title. Hahaha! I love the last photo. You're so pretty. I think we're both in the same page. I sometimes feel odd that majority of my friends are already settling down while I'm here... still chilling like a queen potato. (lol what) Hahaha! =))


  15. Aww your photos are gorgeous!!! :)

    Layla xx


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