Spontaneous Trip in Cebu City

As I was facing my computer and doing the tasks assigned to me and getting it done before the deadline or at the end of the day, I alwa...

As I was facing my computer and doing the tasks assigned to me and getting it done before the deadline or at the end of the day, I always wanted to have a quick get away after our work. I read a lot of articles about creativity of a person at work and balance your life between work and personal, uhm... okay, fine insert: love life (if you have.)

It makes you inspired for all those articles that you read from your favorite website and what's lacking is that the implementation. It was one day when the weather started to get crazy as it gets. It was sunny then suddenly the sky starts to turn to grey and the wind was cold when my colleagues and I had our lunch together at the pantry. We were just talking some random stuff until we mention going somewhere we don't know yet and have fun. Our spontaneous trip started. 

Our route: 
When the "we want to eat Bangus!" mood after our work idea started everything.

Lantaw Native Restaurant in Busay

Oops... when we were thought of fresh air, nice and relaxing view this was the first thing that we think of. Late lunch was great until we just were informed of "we don't have available Bangus (Milk Fish) today." It was heartbreaking and we ordered tuna belly instead and moved on.

Meet the team: Jewel, Rod and John and some awkward shots!

Blog about this view here.

Even Anne Curtis approved of this! 

Photo grabbed from Lantaw FB page

Marco Polo Hotel 

We just passed by. Hehehe. I recommended the Cafe Marco, but it was not an ideal for an afternoon siesta because I think I have to avoid their yummy and juicy steak! (drooling...)

Dolce Cafe

After we had our late lunch, chit chats and photoshoot (hahaha!) we had this mood of like "let's grab a coffee." Good thing, Dolce Cafe is along the way, so less hassle. It was their first time to go there, and Rod fell in love with the ambiance and it is now part of his afternoon siesta to stay in the cafe and do some procrastination (I don't know)

A mysterious cat. :3

The Outpost Bar and Restaurant

It was almost evening when Rod said "I still want Bangus (Milk Fish)" grabe ha! I thought he moved on from not having it earlier when we were in Lantaw, so the last stop and last chance was Outpost! I was like "Finally! I can step inside the popular place where local Cebuano bands have their shows every weekends. Finally, we found it! Yes. Milk fish was just right there in the Outpost waiting for us and prepared for some grill. HAHA! :D

Rellenong Bangus! (milk fish)

I thought we will go to La Vie Parisienne to have some wine after our dinner. Whew! Good thing, no. That was still mid-week and we still had two days before the weekend. So, we went home after that. That was a great day and ended it like "let's do it again!" Spontaneous trip is fun. You should do it also with your friends. :)

Have you tried doing this with your friends?

Have a great day everyone! 
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  1. Beautiful. I've never been to Cebu City before but I may add it to my list! Thank you for sharing!

  2. ka choi sa iyang spontaneous trip ui!!! suya ko!!! hehehe
    Haven't visited Lantaw pa :(
    nice daw kau dra,soon!!!! so glad you had great time Jewel! <3

    love lots,

  3. nice place :) would love to visit there sometime

  4. Interesting places, delicious food and beautiful pics.... I always love your posts!
    Love, Paola.
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  5. ang relaxing lang ng place:) parang ang lamig:) hahahaha

  6. wonderful trip amazing pictures
    have a nice day

  7. This sounds a stunning place! Beautiful pictures, it looks like you and your friends had an amazing time there! =D

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  8. Beautiful place:).

  9. So beautiful pictures. *__*
    Lovely greets

  10. I've also heard about lantaw. hope I can get there one day dear :)

  11. I love all the photos! I really want to visit Cebu sometime. I've never been there! Pero parang ang ganda nung place. Fingers crossed for next summer! <3

  12. OMG so amazing pictures
    Love trip
    Maggie D.
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  13. waaaaaah! Wap.a jud ko kaanha diha doh! Nice photo too Jewel!

    Anyway dear, i am inviting you to join my giveaway here
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  14. Oh lovely moment ^^


  15. Looks like a lovely time - thanks for sharing :-) New follower!


  16. Love the photos. Your made me sooooooo hungry. Haha!
    Super blooming mo lagi. :)


  17. Beautiful & yummy! xxx

  18. Awww suya ko! Have tried a spontaneous trip once lang! Pero the trip was the next day. Ingon ra ang isa ka kauban nga ligo ta dagat ugma na! So mao to siya nadyaun jud bsag 5 rami kabuok. Hahaha!

    Anyway, dugay najud kaau ko gusto muadto og Lantaw Busay! :(

  19. such a beautiful place, love the photos. xx
    Instagram @littleprettymess

  20. amazing pics and place! The food looks so yummy!

  21. amazing pictures! this place is awesome and the food is so yummy!

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