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As international brands are coming to invade Cebu, I feel like there's no more reason to go to Manila anymore. As my curiosity cont...

As international brands are coming to invade Cebu, I feel like there's no more reason to go to Manila anymore. As my curiosity continues, I checked this new opened store at the new wing of Ayala Center Cebu.

I saw Bric's store when I was in Hong Kong. I didn't have time to check on it, now that they are open here in Cebu, I finally get to know more about their store.

In 1952 Mario Briccola founded a company, INDUSTRIA VALIGERIA FINE MARIO BRICCOLA, manufacturing suitcases and bags. He knew he could rely on his own resources, initiative, courage, and creativity. Because Mario Briccola’s vision was projected towards a greater future, with ambitious goals, the main investment was on himself and his family. (source)

Bric's celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2012 with the motto "Made in Bric's", which reflects the cultural identity of an Italian company. 

I also found out that Bric's bags are a favorite among Hollywood's A-listers and has been featured in several movies such as Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Truly "Made in Italy" Bric's is from their surname Briccola. How cool is that? I'm into travel, but I never tried carrying luggage, so these are so lovely and perfect for Europe trip soon, maybe? HAHA #Wishfulthinking

These are my favorite, I'm a sucker when it comes to brown color. I am really into it. In case, I would buy one, believe me, it is really hard to choose what are you going to buy. Except for the different prices of each luggage and different style. They have 20% up to 30% discount!

Left bag is a leather and a laptop bag, how dappy!

Some of their collections:



Spinner Trunk as one of their best seller. Made from polycarbonate, German material and has Japanese wheels. Look how flexible!

These bags are pure leather too! To die for.

Then I got my eyes on these bags over here. Since I am not into luggage (for now), I asked the staff what bag they can recommend to me.

These are what the staff show to me, I don't know what to color to choose. HAHAHA! Their staff are so accommodating, as a buyer it's my habit to ask many questions about the product to make sure that everything is good. I even can't decide which bag to get because all of them are so pretty and sturdy!

I like this color. It complement whatever outfit I wear. 

My forever crush!

Then I choose this one: X-Bag

Lovely pink, but too girly for me. :) 

Polo: 6ixty 8ight | Shorts: Next | Shoes: Palladium Boots

So, I choose this ocean blue color. 

X-Bag is that can be used in three ways, how awesome!

1. It can be as a shoulder tote bag (see the pink tote above) 
2. As a cross body bag (see above photo)
3. Mini shoulder bag - the pouch inside that is detachable that also comes with a strap. Oh-ha!

Here's how to transform the slings in to cross body bag:

The pouch that also comes with a sling transformation:

I also met a blogger that we have almost the same name: Jewey of thepausesbetween.com, she was also there to check their bags.

Jewey x Jewel

Finally, my girlfriends from Manila, Kate and Sheena who had a business trip here in Cebu, dropped by too! These are their picked for luggage bags. They asked if they also have branches in Manila, and yes, located in SM Aura and Shangri-la Mall.

We strike a posed as I was finally done choosing a bag, while Kate and Sheena can't help but to pose with their picked on shoulder bags.

2nd Level Ayala Center Cebu New Wing
in front of F&F store
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Have a great day everyone! x
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  1. its so cool how flexible the spinner trunk is !!


  2. Wow! I know those bags, especially the traveling bags, fit perfectly on you! :) And yes, international brands are coming already here like H&M last month.

    Have a great day! :)


    1. Their traveling bags are <3! Whoa, I can't wait to visit the H&M too. :)

  3. I've always loved the luggages from BRIC'S! It's great that more and more international stores are coming to Cebu <3


  4. Great italian brand!!!
    You are so lovely in pink!!!
    Happy friday!!!
    Kisses, love Paola.


    My Facebook

  5. those bags are beautiful!! it must be really hard for you to decide what to buy! it will for me!

  6. i love bric's world
    new post on my blog http://tr3ndygirl.com
    i wait you

  7. Like their page on Facebook! Their bags are amazing. Looking at it made me want to buy one and travel (asap) anywhere. Love the colors, style and design. <3

    x, shekinahjoy.com

  8. beautiful bags!

    <3it takes 2 to fashion ps. We really like your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  9. Woow, great post!

    Want to keep in touch? Follow each ofther on GFC/ facebook?

    Laura Macij

  10. Great photos. Looks like a fab store

    Made in Mauve

  11. The bag you chose was nice! I'm not really into traveling yet but when I have the plans, I'd definitely consider buying a travel bag from Bric's! Thanks for this post Jewel! :)

    Janine | www.itsjaninella.com


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