Top Places to have Coffee at the Beach in Cebu

"Breaking News: I don't care!" We have gone too far. As our spontaneous trip continues, our "where to go?&qu...

"Breaking News: I don't care!"

We have gone too far. As our spontaneous trip continues, our "where to go?" question always pop up randomly. 

Before this kind of trip, I go for a one bottle after my work at the end of the week just for some chill and relaxing and do people watching near the place where I work. It was great not until I got bored? I don't know, but I think I need a new place where I can relax while enjoying my drink. We all do that, like staying in a coffee shop and then surrounded by busy people having meetings and catching up with a group of friends or dating with their special someone. Ugh.

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I just can't believe it, I just posted a photo of me with a bottle of beer and nachos when another spontaneous trip occurred! I was like "OMG! You are not!"

Have you ever thought of going to a hotel and resort just to have coffee? It sounds very vain or egocentric (thanks Google translate) but believe me, it is very relaxing.

So why not leave the coffee shops or resto bar in the city? Here are the top places to go:

Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

We started to go on a trip on a Monday after our work, who will do that? I mean, you still have work tomorrow and it is too early to chill! So as we are on our way there I just can't believe that I was wearing a lazy Monday outfit and I was slowly facing the fact that we are going to Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu wearing like that. LOL!

Google Philippines shirt for lazy Monday at work because Google is out on Monday. JUST KIDDING! :D 

I ordered Cafe Latte :)

Whoa! the place is awesome and very relaxing we really love it! We had our coffee! :) Unfortunately, Ibiza was closed in the afternoon. Sigh.

Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa

Whoa! It was a Friday, Friday for us that time when we went to Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa! When we reached the front desk we asked where we can have coffee and beach front. We were told that Cowrie Cove is open.

PERFECT location for all of us. We were surprised with a second cup of our coffee is free because its Happy Hour. HAHAHA! We were also surprised with our bill too! :D I am talking about their service charge fee. So we stayed there until 8pm. This was the time that we went to Liv Super Club, story here.

Very relaxing.

JPark Island Resort and Waterpark, Cebu

Perfect to go on a working holiday! "Excuse me, where is Imperial Palace?" as we asked the gasoline boy, then he said this way, turned right. We were like "Ooohhh... it's now JPark Island Resort and Waterpark!" Whatever still the same. Well, we enjoyed our cold coffee. 

Watched the couple having fun.

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

We were like, finally! After we had our late lunch at Chix Savour in Lahug, we went to Crimson Resort just to again, to have coffee.

Ugh. Forgive me, we sound like vain. We just want to have fun after our work. We ordered Capuccino and they served it not-so-hot, good thing they asked us if we want to change it and we immediately said, "Yes! of course!" the weather was so cold that time when we were there and hot coffee would be perfect. 

It was our first time, to go there, we really have a hard time finding their entrance even with the help of our GPS and Google map! We got lost again going to the exit of the subdivision. HAHAHA!

Hanging out with these boys are less drama! :)

More spontaneous trip soon! xx

Have a great day everyone!
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  1. I shall keep these in mind when I visit Cebu. Soon, I swear! Haha. Ang tagal ko na gusto pumunta dyan :(


    1. Hope to see you soon here! :) Let's have fun! :D

  2. Waaah so envy of these spontaneous trips! And take note, these trips are in the famous hotels and resorts! Amazing! Haha. How much do their coffee cost? Same price range lang ba with coffee shops like Starbucks? :)

    Janine | www.itsjaninella.com

    1. Hi Janine! Thank you. Their coffee ranges from PHP140-PHP200 or PHP300 for cold coffee. :)

  3. Nice looks and place ^^


  4. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm taking note of these when we visit Cebu :)


  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm taking note of these when we visit Cebu :)


  6. Amazing place and pictures! Cool tee! =)

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  7. Great post and amazing photos. xx


  8. I've been to crimson this summer and i loved it there!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. wow these places look awesome :) you guys are so lucky to have beautiful beaches near the city


  10. thanks for posting this! hopefully I can visit any of the places you've mentioned when I get in Cebu dear :)


  11. Gosh! how amazing coffee+ beach? ahhhh who doesn't want that?
    huhuhu so jealous!!! sama mo ko Jewel!!! hahaha
    Heard so much good stuffs from Movenpick,it's a must visit daw...
    hopefully I can go there soon!! <3

    love lots,


  12. ok, i'm totally craving a good cup of coffee and a vacay now!!

  13. amazing pics, love your google tee
    new post on my blog http://tr3ndygirl.com
    i wait you

  14. Napanganga ako dun sagumagalaw na picture sa hulihan. :O Jelly naman akow.. hahaha,

    Nerbyusa kang tao no! hahah? Ako di naman coffee addict. I mean I go to Starbucks pero yung sa daily basis at home lang, hindi. siguro pga andameng gatas tas mainit tas cold weather. disoko.

    Naiimagine ko sya gawin pag naka pag Sagada na ako.

  15. Wow! I love the hotels that you went to. Ang sosyal! :) I'll keep the details for our trip in Cebu.

    Have a great day, Ate Jewel! :)


  16. Aw ! You make me want to there, it looks so dreamy :)

    The Little Fashionette

  17. Beautiful photos. When I travel I often have that question in mind: "Where the heck do I go!?" When you finally find a good spot, it's so rewarding. I'm glad that you were able to find those places :)


  18. You're so spontaneous and adventurous. <3 Buti ka pa you a lot of time to go anywhere you want. :) I'm planning to visit Cebu next year. Have a great weekend.

    x, shekinahjoy.com

  19. waaaah im so jealous! huhuhu haven't been any of those amazing places even if im from Cebu.



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