Christmas Party at Pandanon Island, Bohol

Hello from Manila! Yes, blogging about our Christmas party at Pandanon Island, Bohol while waiting for my hair to get curly because I a...

Hello from Manila! Yes, blogging about our Christmas party at Pandanon Island, Bohol while waiting for my hair to get curly because I am going out tonight.

Back to the story, last year we had our island hopping Christmas party and it was great except for the big waves that hit us. So this year, we decided to stay on an island and create a program probably set of games and prizes for us.

I have always wanted to go to Pandanon Island this is a dream come true. Hehehe 

While everybody was busy shopping their outfits for their party, we were busy thinking what will be our food. Kidding, the games prepared for us. 

Beautiful chaos, meet the whole team!

I don't want to miss the photo opts while we were on the way to the island. Plus photographer on board!

Photo opts at the island! Literally DOPE!

If you know the song Beachin' by Jake Owen you know what "cold cans" sounds like.

CHEERS! Mandatory photo of my drink at the beach.


The highlight of the day: Pop the Balloon game!
You have to pop the balloon using your body attached to the back of your partner - no hands!

The poppers!

We laughed out loud while me busy recording the happenings. I can't!

Stalking mode.

Group shot in our banca.

Jumpshot for the win!

I can now say that "definitely one for the books!" Because of that I collect all our videos from our travels this year, I finished it before my flight here in Manila.

Our year end video, edited by yours truly! :)

Happy New Year everyone! 


  1. Arrrrggggh makasuya gyud imong adventures! Haha. Naa sad na sa akong lista ang Pandanon! Kanus-a pa kaha ko makaadto! :D


  2. wow Manilla looks beautiful

  3. wow!! Awesome pictures!!! :D :D *another great post* Miss Jewel.. Bohol is such a beautiful place.. ;)

    BTW, tagged you for my recent post :D
    Excited to read your thoughts soon! ^_^

    Jong :) | iamjoannalanojan.blogspot.com/

  4. Ahhh ka nice gyud ngadto ui! basta ako sad niya soon hehehehe
    Great photos (as always) Jewel!!!! guess you had so much fun with the best people! <3 so happy for you!

    love lots,


  5. I want summer please! kiss dear!



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