Road Trip to Southern Cebu

Spontaneous trip presents: Road Trip to Southern part of Cebu! Should I create a category for "spontaneous"? What do you thin...

Spontaneous trip presents: Road Trip to Southern part of Cebu! Should I create a category for "spontaneous"? What do you think?

Hello! How's your Christmas shopping going? I don't want to panic, but I think I need to? HAHAHA

Last month we went to a road trip with our "wherever" or "bahala na" we didn't have any proper plans of where to go and where to stop! Spontaneous to another level! :) Which was an awesome  road trip according to Carissa.


We met as early as 6AM at Mc Donalds, IT Park, Cebu City. Good thing, Carissa, Rod and I are living in the same area and I can fetch them by taxi along the road, but Rod can't wait to go out first to grab some breakfast at Mcdo.

We met John at the meeting place and after grabbing some coffee and breakfast, we started the engine and cruise!

Here's the our route via Google Map: 

Ayala Heights, Cebu Transcentral Highway

Our first stop because I told them that the last time I had road trip, was two years ago and we were just until this part so I was so excited to see what's the next town.

Carissa, started to take photos for her blog. We invited her spontaneously and she asked if we have any plans, I said "just go with the flow."

Rod and John busy with their hashtag nature posts! :)

While me trying to posed under the heat of the sun. #notosunblocklotion

Adventure Cafe and Zipline Cebu

Second stop for pee-break! HAHAHA! The place is so cool!

Spell C-h-i-l-l!

Spell C-r-a-z-y!

Hair flip!
Great view up here! 

Feels like I'm in Tagaytay or Baguio City! I wish I can visit the place anytime soon. :) 


OMG! Stress reliever! They said, you can bring your own plates and yes, do it here! SHOUT as long as you want with feelings!

Lovely captures!

Toledo City

We passed by Balamban, because we were looking for the "Original Balamban Liempo" we didn't know where that is. 

Shot from a random resort for another pee-break.

Toledo Fish Market and Port!

We looked for a place to eat our lunch, specifically seafood! 

We reached Pinamungahan, Cebu market to eat lunch, no photos because we were all starving! Until we reached:

Hidden Beach Resort, Bonbon, Aloguinsan, Cebu

Truly hidden beach! We had to do u-turn because we over passed by their small sign from the highway. Whoa! We had a good stretch after eating our lunch!


John, Carissa, Rod, and I

Go Pro shots!

Talisay City

Last stop: Mc Donalds, Talisay, Cebu new branch! (Still Mcdo??!) We were all screaming for iced coffee! Unfortunately they don't have one with vanilla, so they offered us Coffee Float instead!


I still have a beach trip in Bohol to blog about soon and another beach trip this coming weekend! Oh my! What a full of schedule of last month of 2014!

Some photos credit by: Carissa of Island Trotters

Let follow each other on IG: @jewelclicks

Have a great day everyone! xx


  1. great shots dear!
    I love coffee float ('cause I saw you holding one)
    hope you had a great time in your road trip.
    makes me want to visit Cebu soon.

    Ms. Kei

  2. Woah!! I am amazed by these photos miss Jewel!!! Spell a-w-e-s-o-m-e and a-s-t-i-g!! Ikaw na! XD I've been to the South before, though not many times, and yeah, there's a hidden beauty anywhere there! And you just captured it! *thumbs up* for this another successful post! ^_^

    Jong :)

  3. Waaaaah I love these photos Jewel! Amazing ninyo oi! I wish I had people to go with (of course kanang naay car)! HAHAHAHA

  4. How beautiful and lovely of the natural greens and clear blue sky is gorgeously - you all looking great. Have fun:).


  5. It looks like you had tons and tons of fun during the road trip!! And it definitely looks really fun!! :p I had my last road trip like an year ago, and all i can say is, i was so so soooo dead tired after it :p Haha! :p


  6. I love Cebu! There's so much to see there and I know I haven't seen it all yet! Grrat pictures :)

    - Che


  7. Loving travelling so much, so pity i do not have chance to be a traveller for some reasons.

    thanks reading my blog , stay in touch


  8. Amazing road trip!!! I love the panorama!!! Great pics, as usual!!!

    Kisses, love Paola.


    My Facebook

  9. Looks super fuuuun! Mygosh, I really need to go to Cebu next year! *crosses fingers and everything else*

  10. I really have to go to Cebu next year. HUHU these looks wonderful!!!!

  11. After looking at your beautiful pictures, I have a bigger urge to travel to Cebu! Haha! It was a really spontaneous trip! I love these kind of trips the most! It is a great memory for you and your friends!!
    Much love, Jenny

  12. the beach looks so nice! i miss the beach...it's a little cooler here, so we haven't been in a while.

  13. What a beautiful place! I would love to have a road trip there, looks alot of fun :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  14. Hi Jewel!
    Very refreshing talaga palagi sa mata ang mga photos mo ng mga adventure mo jan sa Cebu :)

    Natuwa ako dun sa animated photo ^^
    Merry Christmas!

  15. wow.. so scenic there!! i just love road trips!! seems to me that you hit such interesting lovely spots!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. I nominated you for the Best Blogger Award, Miss Jewel. ^_^ Check out the details here http://iamjoannalanojan.blogspot.com/2014/12/best-blogger-award.html

    Jong :)

  17. Good roadtrip guys. By the way jewel, you can buy the original balamban liempo at toledo city just at the intersection near jolibee toledo. :) -mrcool


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