Weekend Bohol Tour 2014

Finally! After months of planning and convincing others to join, we finally went out of town. Bohol Tour achieved! No, not a spontaneo...

Finally! After months of planning and convincing others to join, we finally went out of town. Bohol Tour achieved!

No, not a spontaneous trip, this is planned because 1) This is out of town trip 2) Overnight stay in a Panglao, Bohol should be fun and so as this long post!

WARNING: Photos loading in 3...2..1...

Boarding at 6AM, Ocean Jet going to Tagbilaran.

After 2 hours, here we are! The Bohol Crew :) 

Rod, Ching, Mags, Tony, Cybil, John and Hendrix
My first time in Bohol was summer in April 2013 before the earthquake strikes the province and saw their beautiful old churches that will be forever in my memory and on my photos, you can read my Bohol Tour 2013

Blood Compact

Our first stop for the day. No, we went to McDonalds before we started our tour. HAHA! So happy to see them again, cheers! 

Our van was so clean, cold and comfy! :)

Baclayon Church

On-going rebuilding of the church. If you want to help rebuild the churches you can visit: RebuildBoholChurches.org

Bohol Python

One of the things I didn't try last year was to take photo with python because I was so scared! Also, I wasn't informed that their tour guide named "Marimar" outfit is dressed up! Look at those red killer stilettos! 

Here we go! Photo with pythons: ACHIEVED!

Fake smile or scared smile? 

I was with Tony of www.youshouldgoaway.com and Ching of www.chingsadaya.com the rest of the crew was just in the van chillin'.

I met this creature again! :) 

Rio Verde Floating Restaurant, Loay, Bohol

Time check: 10 AM and we were hungry and looking for lunch. Our driver and also our tour guide suggested going to Loay for the new floating restaurant that is a must-try! Loboc River Cruise is the popular one, so we gave it a shot.  

PHP350 + PHP50 (tax) not on the advertisement. Tsk.

We were so early and hungry and we have to wait until 11AM and until the boat will get a lot of customers. Advantage of being early was we can able to eat the food HOT :)

The view and fresh air. The disadvantage of this trip: you will feel sleepy because you are full and the air was so cold that you want to lie down to bed. You can't do anything except to enjoy the scenery, listen to the singer and go down to their stop over to participate with the locals and give the donations.

Photo opts with the Bohol Tribe, they say.

Chocolate Hills, Carmen, Bohol

After our cruise, we wanted something cold to drink and eat we were thinking of Halo-Halo or fruit shakes, unfortunately we didn't find any restaurant who serves it. So, we enjoy the view of the hills!

Entrance fee: PHP50

You have to take the stairs with more than 100 steps under the heat of the sun. It's been a year since the earthquake strikes, too bad, there are still no developments even roof for the tourist who wants to go up. Cmon!

You can also rest if you want in between steps.

Ship Haus and Man-Made Forest

We passed by these two attractions and just take photos, but we like the most, the man-made forest!

Twin Hanging Bridge 

Worth the try for PHP20 entrance if you want to overcome your fear of heights. It is safe just be careful. :D

After our hanging bridge, we decided not to see the Tarsiers because we all wanted to rest and chill. Also, there were no electricity when we arrived in Panglao, scheduled power off electricity in the area. Since we stayed in a private beach house, we went to BQ Mall in Tagbilaran to shop for our dinner because in Panglao there are only few small stores. We had an amazing night!

The next day, I alarmed my phone at 5AM for the sunrise!

 Beach front, for the win! :)

Go Pro Heroes for this trip! :)

This morning and my cup of coffee is love!

Bohol Crew photo opt before leaving.

Bohol, you are beautiful and amazing, I will come back again! :)

Thank you YJB Flight Services for arranging our trip and very affordable tour package rate ever!

Some photos are from: Hendrix

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Off to my last beach trip this year! BRB!
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  1. What a beautiful trip and I love all the pretty pictures but snakes even it fake, I would probably scream out loud and like crazy, may be cry too, I so DONT like to see them lol.. Stay fun with your trip..

    xxoo. http;//www.attraction2fashion.com

  2. Wow you took amazing pictures!! :o you met the bohol tribe....very cool! It's nice to meet the indigenous people and learn to know their culture a bit~

  3. What a fun outing, the pictures are spectacular! xo~ Lena

  4. ahhh suya nasad ko ui!!!! wa pa jud ko ka adto Bohol! my best friend had a house there will force her to go with me soon sad hehehee
    Love the place so much Jewel!!! Great shots as always!!! yehey!!!! <3

    love lots,


  5. Wow! Kelan ko kaya to magagawa with my friends alone? Sana payagan na ako! :)) I super love your blog. Feel ko nakarating na din ako sa mga pinupuntahan mo, Ate :)

    Advance Merry Christmas, Ate Jewel! :)


  6. wow so many amazing pictures, this place looks absolutely amazing. I really want to see these pythons too, love them especially am albino Burmese python <3

  7. Wow! Daming photossss haha. I enjoyed this post a lot! I felt like I was part of your trip. Hopefully soon makapunta na din ako sa Bohol <3 Advanced Merry Christmas, btw!



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