GNO: Valkyrie Nightclub at The Palace

YAY! For the first " Girls Night Out " entry wooot! I started to have this "kind of segment" on my blog when I star...

YAY! For the first "Girls Night Out" entry wooot! I started to have this "kind of segment" on my blog when I started to do some bonding with my girlfriends at night and even if I was NOT with girls, I still consider it as my GNO, because you have to deal with it. :D

When I ended my 2013, we were curious about going out to this popular night club: Republiq in Resorts World Manila. Unfortunately they are gone now. It's alright, I think clubs are really come and go.

For 2014 year end party, we decided to try the Valkyrie Night Club that was just opened last November 2014. We got lost looking for this club, hahaha!

Valkyrie is the nightclub at The Palace which recently opened its doors. Valkyrie is the first club in The Place, more establishments (such as a boutique club lounge and day club) will open later. Valkyrie is Manila’s biggest club with space for over 2,000 people. The club has 2 floors, the ground floor and a second floor overlooking the ground floor. The second floor has 6 private sky boxes. Valkyrie nightclub is currently Manila’s hottest new club and definitely the place to be and be seen. read more here.

Photo from: ManilaClubbing.com
I invited the same girlfriends I hang out, last time plus Sheena, who go back and forth in Cebu City for her work the whole year. Unfortunately, Eliza and Cath didn't make it. I thought it will be Sheena and I who will have bonding. Good thing, Shelly and KP were too game with the spontaneous invite, thanks Eric and friends who I also hang out with, in Republiq. :)

I, Sheena, Shelly, KP
My hair was a messed! 
Eric and I

with Seph, birthday boy

Blurred group photo.

Seph, I, Shelly, Zel, Sheena and Alfred
Hug lovin'

So happy to be with Shelly after a year! :)

Someone is happy with a bottle of Hennessy! :) 

After Sheena (left) it's Shelly turns to visit Cebu and Bohol on March! :)

Photobooth mode on. #Gurls 

I can't remember, but I think we went out at around 5:30AM? Not bad since we went inside the club at around 1AM! :)

Was shy for some outfit shots, but this one is better with the girls. Wore this floral sheer romper I bought online, I promised to myself to behave this time so I won't miss any single moments unlike what happened to Republiq. 

with my cousin, Eric 
We were still on the road at 6:30AM, we dropped off my friends to make they are safe. We were chased by the sunrise!

Cheers for 2015!

By the way, Valkyrie will be having their event here in Cebu for Sinulog! YAY! It is going to be Elektromundo - Valkyrie x Liv so excited to hear the DJs play the best EDM mixed ever.

Valkyrie Nightclub at The Palace, Fort Bonifacio Global City
For more info and table bookings: click here.

Have a great weekend everyone! xx

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  1. wow! The place looks really cool! :) I suddenly miss hanging out with my friends. I miss the old days, dancing, drinking and enjoying the night! :)

    1. It's alright, you will do if time permits! :) thank you!

  2. Wotwoot!!! nice kau Jewel!!! saw many awesome pics and heard about this from Manilenyos in IG..nice daw kaau dra...bongga kaug new year ui!!! hehehhe so happy for your night out Jewel!!!! looks so fun and exciting!!!!

    love lots,


    1. Yeah. Mao man gud ni ang new club in Manila. Actually daghan, pero basin mahurot akong sapi if tanan adtuan! HAHAHA :D thanks, Cristine!

  3. Amazing place, very cool!!!!
    Keep on smiling!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  4. Oh there how fun of girls night (club) out. Looks like everyone had the fun night:). You looks so happy in each picture.

    Thx for your lovely comment cutie.

    xo. http://attraction2fashion.com

  5. fun! i think one of my new years resolutions should be to have more GNOs!!

  6. Wonderful pictures. ;-)
    Have a nice weekend, dear....

  7. Looks like a fun night :) I like your top

    Rachel xx

  8. you guys look like you had fun :) Valkyrie is massive hahaha! i went there once to check it out but it's not really my scene I guess

  9. wow.. that club looks amazing!!! :D fun times!

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  10. I've been to Valkyrie. Didn't like it much though. Sobrang daming tao grabe! Haha. I'll try to go again and see if it's better without a packed crowd. Great photos though! I need a GNO too <3 After midterms! Hahaha.


  11. Ahh babe!! Seems like you guys had a blastin' night!! <3 And my god, this club is hugeeeeeee!!!! Seems like the place I know a lot of my friends might love! <3



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